Kayleigh McEnany Shares Prophetic Life-Changing Moment, and America’s Only Hope: ‘My Prayer Is for Revival’

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Kayleigh McEnany has had a front row seat to the deep political and cultural divides facing our nation these last couple of years causing Americans across the country to feel a growing sense of hopelessness.  In her new book, Serenity in the Storm, McEnany shares with her readers why she remains hopeful in Jesus Christ despite the circumstances we see in the world today.  

Since serving as President Trump’s press secretary, McEnany has become a highly rated star of Fox News where she co-hosts the show Outnumbered. 
When McEnany left the White House in 2021 to work in television, she was not only making a career change, she and her husband, Sean Gilmartin, were also focused on the homefront hoping to grow their family. In her new book, she shares part of that very personal journey. 
“The second pregnancy, it wasn’t coming so easily. It’d been several months, little bit of a struggle,” McEnany told CBN News. “I mean the months would tick by, the pregnancy tests – and I just got worried and nervous… it started to weigh on me that it wasn’t happening for me.”
During this time about two years ago, McEnany came to CBN News to do an interview with me as White House Correspondent, to talk about her last book, For Such a Time as This.  While McEnany was at the CBN News office, this reporter felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to give McEnany a copy of Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson, a 40-day prayer challenge.  McEnany went home to New York and started reading the book with her husband, Sean.   

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“We started reading it and as I’m reading this, I’ve been really struggling, I have gone to a Christian conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I remember that day in particular just Satan infiltrating my mind with worry and doubt and you know, I was just feeling down,” explained McEnany. “I read this part of the book, and the book is about praying with anticipation, with expectation, and I’m paraphrasing here but basically you know tell the mountains to move, you know, your God is bigger than the mountains.”
McEnany shared with CBN News that while she didn’t know it at the time, God was also moving people around her, like her dad, to pray over a second baby.
“I had taken several pregnancy tests, I thought it was past that time period where I would get a positive one,” recalled McEnany. “All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I get a positive one three days after we prayed with that hopeful expectation.” 
A few months after McEnany came to CBN News, the Holy Spirit prompted me to reach out to her and share with her a Word of Knowledge from the Holy Spirit.   The testimony that came next still surprises both of them to this day. 

“Amazingly, I’m 6 weeks into my pregnancy. I had only told my mom and a few others in my family. My friends didn’t know, my colleagues at Fox didn’t know, no one knew, and then I’m six weeks pregnant and I get a voice text from you, Abigail, and it is so sweet about the fact that you had gotten a word from God and you felt that I was either trying to get pregnant or were pregnant potentially and the word that kept coming to mind was boy,” recalled McEnany. “I started to tear up when I got the message. I sent it to my husband and he was flabbergasted by it, amazed by it, because as it turns out we did conceive a boy, no way of knowing that at six weeks pregnant.” 
In her new book, McEnany mentions how it wasn’t the first time God prompted someone to reach out to her in a moment when she needed to hear from him.
“I was very lonely,” recalled McEnany. “I was just trying to call anyone who would answer. No one was answering, my mom wasn’t answering. I’m like, ‘God if you’re there I just need to hear from you.’ And in that moment, my phone lit up and it was a number I didn’t know which normally I wouldn’t answer, but I’m like I’ll talk to this telemarketer if I have to, I’m that lonely.  So I answered the phone and it said this is The Journey Church, which was the church I was attending. ‘We feel like we need to pray for you, how can we pray for you?’ And at that moment in my life I don’t even remember if it was a female or a male but it was the risen savior speaking through an emissary changing my life forever, changing my heart forever.”

In both her book and on TV, McEnany boldly shares a message of finding hope in Jesus Christ, believing it will resonate with both a Christian and non-Christian audience.
“There’s such a yearning in this country and you look around at the horrible things that we are seeing – school shootings, anger, animosity, crime – I mean all different forms of evil. But they are all symptom of a much bigger problem and it is the problem of evil that is loose in this country,” explained McEnany. “We as a country and especially, unfortunately among the younger generation have turned away from God.” 
McEnany tells CBN News her prayer for our country is this. 

“My prayer is for revival,” declared McEnany. “There’s good versus evil playing out. It’s bigger than a political party. We’re battling for the soul of this country and young people, don’t turn to Washington, don’t turn to corporate America, turn to Christ. So that is my prayer, that this hatred, this division, this animosity that I don’t think really existed in the political landscape as much 15 years ago, 20 years ago – I want to see it go away and it only goes away when we turn to Christ.”

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