Sean Feucht Shares Open Vision: ‘I See People Falling in Love with Jesus’

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Evangelist Sean Feucht was leading worship in Orange County, California last Sunday, when suddenly, with the “presence of God so thick,” a vision came upon him. He admits it’s something that doesn’t happen very much to him, but the vision was powerful, and he simply couldn’t ignore it.

While singing “Take Me Back to My First Love,” the Lord gave him a picture of people waking up, getting their morning coffee, reading the Bible and “falling in love with Jesus all over again.”

“It was certainly a spontaneous moment, and the Lord was reminding me that because of the increase in wickedness in this world right now, the love of many will grow cold,” Feucht told Charisma News in an exclusive interview from his California home. “Right now, we’re so full of wickedness. It’s everywhere; it’s all around us.

You can’t shop at Target and not encounter wickedness. It’s in your face—perversion, slander, darkness. Because of the darkness and wickedness that has ramped up…their heart for God is gone. It’s become discouraging.

“But as we were singing, I saw this picture of people waking up and flocking back to Jesus. And I’m not just talking about revival in a corporate sense. I do love revival meetings, worship and altar calls, but this was about personal revival—revival in the secret place. That is what leads to revival in the public place. Let’s just say I saw people all over America, and all over the world, falling in love with Jesus again.”

Feucht also posted this message on Facebook about his open vision.

And, Feucht says, personal revival will become crucial in the days ahead, especially for families. He knows that the enemy is especially working on breaking up families instead of unifying them. If that happens, Feucht says, Satan will have the world “exactly where he wants it.”

“This is why we have to be even more vigilant. We have to protect our families from all of this nonsense,” Feucht says. “Jesus has to be the centerpiece. He has to take the center of everything that we’re doing. We must prioritize times of family prayer and worshipping together. We must invite Him to be a hedge of protection around our homes. The enemy has an agenda to take out our kids. He has an agenda of perversion, homosexuality, transgenderism. We need to call on God to consistently bring protection, guidance and clarity.”

Not only must we begin with that ideal in the home, Feucht says it cannot be ignored in our churches.

Unfortunately, he says, it is.

“So many pastors across America are not even talking about this,” he says. “Why are they not pounding on this from the pulpits? This is the way are going to fight our battles against the enemy, in the church and at home. Parents need to step up and pray for their families, and do it every day. We need to have these tough conversations with our kids and make sure we’re standing up against the enemy. Christians must do this or things will continue to get darker.”

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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