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(LifeSiteNews) –– The 2023 “PRIDE Town Hall” sponsored by Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) in Maryland might lead an observer to a simple conclusion: Females who serve as teachers, librarians, policy-creating school board members, and local legislators are leading the charge to groom vulnerable young students to embrace LGBT lives.

The event took place at Walter Johnson High School, located just outside the D.C. beltway in Bethesda, Maryland, one of Washington’s wealthiest suburbs.

Workshops – some with alarming titles – offered to kids, parents, and staff included: “Getting a Rainbow Club Started in Elementary School;” “Transitioning in MCPS;” and “Supporting your LGBTQIA+ children: From the Mouths of Middle Schoolers,” a workshop where “middle school students personally speak about LGBTQ issues.” 

Workshop: “Middle school students personally speak about LGBTQ issues” (Dr. Cara Grant, Twitter screenshot)

I have to admit I was shocked when I sat down and looked around the auditorium. I hadn’t anticipated the overwhelming presence of women and girls, easily comprising 90% or more of the attendees. Of those, half were adults and half were impressionable young students. Most of the adults were MCPS staff members.

See for yourself in this brief video highlighting the event produced by the school system’s in-house video production arm, MCPSTV. How many males – other than the keynote speaker who identifies as a “transgender, autistic woman” – can you count?

Students gathered in front of one of several vendor tables. (Dr. Cara Grant, Twitter screenshot)

During their opening presentations, Board of Education Member-At-Large Lynne Harris and Montgomery County Council Member Kristin Mink dismissed as hate-filled anyone who might disagree with their commitment to 100% affirmation of all things LGBT, while Harris condemned states that have passed legislation limiting or banning school library books meant to groom impressionable K-12 students.

Left to right: Montgomery County Council Member Kristin Mink, Board of Education Member-At-Large Lynne Harris, and Pre-K-12 Health & Physical Education Supervisor Dr. Cara Grant. (Dr. Cara Grant, Twitter screenshot)

“I’m grateful that, as somebody who’s an education policy maker, that I am not in Florida, or Texas, or Montana, or Nebraska, or Idaho, or Tennessee,” said Harris, bad-mouthing conservative-leaning “red” states that are taking a stand against the contagion of transgenderism and the sexualization of schoolchildren.

“One out of nine human beings identifies as LGBTQIA,” said Harris. “I don’t understand – it eludes me – how these state lawmakers can do what they’re doing.”

Harris said that those who do not agree with force-feeding homosexuality and the deconstruction of the binary reality of human sexuality to public school children are “dug-deep in their 1950s era homophobia” and recite “the same old homophobic tropes that have no basis in science, in fact, in biology.”

However, her declaration is nullified by an increasing number of countries, led by Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, whose healthcare agencies have grown skeptical of offering solely “gender-affirming care” to gender-dysphoric minors, and have now halted the use of the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and transition-related surgery on kids.

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Harris spoke of a man who testified at a recent MCPS Board of Education (BOE) hearing: “He sat down to give his public comment and he started out by saying, ‘I hesitated to come and say what I’m going to say, because you’re just going to call me a bigot.’” Harris proclaimed with great gusto: “That’s because you are one!” 

The man said that elementary school books like Uncle Bobby’s Wedding are so shameful that he would never read them to his kids.

Harris said she told the man: “You ARE a bigot. You are judgmentally intolerant. Those are the seeds of hate.” Yet Harris apparently lacks sufficient self-awareness to realize that she was displaying her own judgmental intolerance and sowing her own seeds of hate in the minds of students and staff in the audience.

Harris explained that when parents of students object to the infiltration of LGBT influence in schools and demand, “Parental rights! We need notice! We need ‘opt-out!’” her response is, “No. No. No!”

Christian and Muslim parents join forces to resist

Notwithstanding BOE member Harris’ condemnation of parents who seek to protect their kids from LGBT propagandizing and proselytizing, Muslim and conservative Christian parents have filed a lawsuit against the MCPS Board of Education, seeking to determine “whether parents have the right to opt their children out of classroom instruction regarding family life and human sexuality.”

The parents’ legal complaint cites a book for fifth-graders that “advocates a child-knows-best approach to gender transitioning, telling students that a decision to transition doesn’t have to ‘make sense’ and that students are the best ‘teacher’ on such matters, not parents or other adults.”

Cover and interior pages from one of the books cited in the parents’ complaint, titled “Born Ready: The true story of a boy named Penelope.” Note: This book was displayed on the MCPS library table at the MCPS PRIDE Town Hall (as seen in earlier photo) (Court filing screenshot)

Much hoopla, small turnout

Despite heavy promotion, the event was nearly a bust. Although the school’s auditorium boasts a capacity of 1,200, only about 70 seats were occupied for the hour-long opening session of the three-hour event. Last year the MCPS PRIDE Town Hall reportedly attracted more than twice that number.

Mostly empty: PRIDE Town Hall keynote session (MCPSTV, video screenshot)

Perhaps there would’ve been a bigger turnout if cross-dressing former nuclear official Sam Brinton, who resides just two miles away from the venue, had been on hand to offer the keynote address, but it’s just as well. Brinton was arrested a few days before the PRIDE Town Hall and is currently sitting in a Montgomery County men’s lockup awaiting extradition to Virginia for stealing suitcases full of women’s clothes.

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Doug Mainwaring is a journalist for LifeSiteNews, an author, and a marriage, family and children’s rights activist.  He has testified before the United States Congress and state legislative bodies, originated and co-authored amicus briefs for the United States Supreme Court, and has been a guest on numerous TV and radio programs.  Doug and his family live in the Washington, DC suburbs.

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