‘We Hope in Heaven’: Family of Pastor Michael Catt Asks for Prayer After Brain Tumor Discovered

The family of pastor and author Michael Catt is asking for prayer after his battle with prostate cancer has “taken a turn for the worse.”

Catt’s lifelong ministry has had a nationwide impact, from his time at Sherwood Baptist Church to his efforts as an executive producer of faith-based films like Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Courageous, and Woodlawn through Sherwood Pictures.

Now the Catt family has released a statement on social media saying the husband and father faced a major setback. 

“In recent months, his health has taken a turn for the worse, and he has had several surgeries, hospitalizations, and emergency room visits,” the family said. “Recently, doctors found a tumor in his brain stem. They do not recommend operating on the tumor. Because of this, we have chosen to forego any future cancer treatments, with the goal now being to make him as comfortable as possible through palliative care for the few months he has left this side of heaven.”

The Georgia pastor was first diagnosed with prostate cancer five years ago and has been courageously battling it since. 

“In those five years, he has been blessed to have minimal side effects or pain, despite dozens of radiation and chemo treatments,” read a Twitter post.

Catt’s wife, Terri, and two daughters, Erin and Hayley are now asking for prayer. 

“We ask that you pray for relief from any pain, and unexplainable peace for Michael as he fights the good fight and finishes his race here on earth,” reads the post.

It continues, “We hope in heaven, where one day there will be no more suffering, pain, tears or death. Where we will one day worship at the feet of Jesus together. We trust in El Roi, the God who sees us. We look to the Good Shepherd to comfort us & make His presence known to us in our grief.”

Catt was appointed the pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga in 1989. He served the congregation until 2021. The church grew into a multi-ethnic congregation made up of people from more than 20 nations.

Additionally, he spearheaded ReFRESH conferences which were held annually in different locations across the country to encourage believers. 

“Michael’s goal as the pastor of a regional church in a rural part of Georgia was to change the world from Albany, Georgia,” according to his online biography. “While that may seem like a radical, even ridiculous, statement from a pastor in Southwest Georgia, it has, in fact, become a reality.”

Earlier this month, family, friends, and members of Sherwood church sent hundreds of letters of encouragement to Catt.

“We’re so grateful for the laughter, conversation, and prayer time,” read the post. 

Please continue to pray for the Catt family. 

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