‘Hide the Pride’ Campaign Launched by Catholic Group, Urging Parents to Reclaim Libraries from ‘Radical Rainbow Cult’

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CatholicVote, a well-known Catholic advocacy organization in the United States, is pleading with parents and other concerned citizens to have their local libraries remove sexually explicit children’s literature. The group makes the case that organizations receiving funding from taxpayers shouldn’t expose kids to what is considered “pornography.”

CatholicVote started its second annual “Hide the Pride” event on June 1 to coincide with libraries and businesses exhibiting rainbow flags and pro-LGBTQ content for gay pride month. This program intends to raise awareness of the growing number of Pride events and LGBTQ-themed children’s literature in libraries, especially in blue states.

Catholic Advocacy Group Urges Removal of Sexualized Children’s Books from Libraries

According to the article in Fox News, parents are urged by “Hide the Pride” to sign a letter objecting to these books, take down the Pride book displays, borrow the books, and hand the letter to the librarian. In addition to offering a complete catalog of children’s literature about sexuality and gender identity, CatholicVote also offers a sample letter that can be printed.

CatholicVote president Brian Burch lamented the transformation of libraries, which were once family-friendly spaces that welcomed everyone, into establishments proudly displaying what he considers “totally inappropriate and pornographic” content. Burch explained to Fox News Digital that the movement seeks to unite parents, people of faith, and concerned Americans to “push back against this assault on childhood innocence.”

Burch anticipates that this year’s “Hide the Pride” event will become quite popular, and she attributes this to the public backlash against brands like Bud Light and Target. He thinks that more people than ever before are aware of how the LGBT rights movement is intruding on parental rights and public areas.

According to the article shared in Alaska Commons, Burch asserts that this movement has developed past its original ideals of tolerance, equality, and love. He contends that it now seeks to force all Americans to give up their fundamental moral convictions and accept what he sees as its most radical features. Burch cites the boycotts of Target and Bud Light as proof that this campaign is extremely polarizing and has gone beyond appropriate bounds.

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Controversy Surrounding the ‘Hide the Pride’ Campaign and LGBTQ Programming in Public Libraries

The American Library Association (ALA) criticized the Catholic lobbying group CatholicVote’s “Hide the Pride” campaign as an unethical attempt at censorship. The American Library Association asked libraries to report any attempted book removal and recommended customers express their concerns to nearby Catholic organizations. CatholicVote justified their nonviolent demonstration in an effort to draw attention to what they believed to be sexually explicit material for children. 

In the meantime, taxpayer-funded public libraries in the US increased LGBTQ activities for kids, igniting discussions over programming. Supporters emphasize inclusivity, while critics argue against subjecting kids to adult themes. The difficulty for libraries is to retain intellectual freedom while balancing different ideologies.

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