Democrats Request Trump’s Court Proceedings To Be Televised – American Faith

More than 30 Democrats have signed a letter asking for court proceedings against former President Donald Trump to be broadcast on television.

“We are writing to request the Judicial Conference explicitly authorize the broadcasting of court proceedings in the cases of United States of America v. Donald J. Trump,” the letter read.

“We urge the conference to take additional steps, including live broadcasting, to ensure the facts of this case are brought forward, unfiltered, to the public.”

“As the policymaking body for the federal courts, the Judicial Conference has historically supported increased transparency and public access to the courts’ activities. Given the historic nature of the charges brought forth in these cases, it is hard to imagine a more powerful circumstance for televised proceedings. If the public is to fully accept the outcome, it will be vitally important for it to witness, as directly as possible, how the trials are conducted, the strength of the evidence adduced and the credibility of witnesses,” the lawmakers continued.

From The Blaze:

The former commander in chief has been staunchly decrying the cases brought against him.

"Every one of these many Fake Charges filed against me by the Corrupt Biden DOJ could have been filed 2.5 years ago, but they waited and waited until I became dominant in the Polls, and then they filed them all, including locals, right in the middle of my Campaign. They want anybody but “TRUMP.” Not fair and perhaps, not legal. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!" Trump wrote on Truth Social.
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