Antifa member who doxxed journalist Andy Ngo exonerated in case after lawyer intimidates jury – LifeSite

(LifeSiteNews) — According to a report by Katie Daviscourt from The Post Millennial, defense lawyer Michelle Burrows declared, “I am Antifa” during her closing statement and appeared to threaten the jury members, telling them that she “will remember each one of their faces.”

Before the closing statement, the judge informed the court that the jurors claimed that people had attempted to identify them and that the jury members had expressed concerns that their personal information could be made public.

Shortly after the conclusion of the court case, Daviscourt’s car was smashed, and personal identification documents were missing from her vehicle. Antifa members outside the courtroom reportedly threatened Daviscourt during her event coverage.

In the civil case, Ngo accused the two Antifa members, John Colin Hacker and Elizabeth Renee Richter, of battery, assault, and “intentional infliction of emotional distress” concerning physical attacks against Ngo that were caught on camera.

According to the lawsuit, Hacker saw Ngo at a local gym on May 7, 2019, sprayed an unknown liquid onto him, and took away the journalist’s phone. Gym employees allegedly had to intervene, returned the phone to Ngo, and later canceled Hacker’s gym membership. Hacker admitted in court that the allegations were true, according to Daviscourt’s report.

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Furthermore, Ngo accused Hacker of taking action that led to the journalist being assaulted by an Antifa mob on May 28, 2021.

As Ngo was reporting on Antifa attacks in Portland that day, Hacker allegedly approached him before an Antifa mob started beating up the journalist. Hacker testified that he did indeed approach Ngo and that he told another journalist about Ngo’s identity.

The incident was captured on a security camera and published on The Post Millennial’s social media account.

Ngo was able to flee and entered a hotel on 525 SW Morrison St. Richter, the other defendant in the case, tried to follow Ngo into the hotel but was asked to leave by hotel officials.

Richter allegedly live-streamed video of Ngo inside the hotel, describing his locations and encouraging further assaults on the journalist. Video evidence regarding these accusations was provided during the trial.

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Daviscourt wrote that Burrows “did not take the time to provide evidence as to why the two defendants should be free from charges, but rather used the time to defend anti-fascism and attack Ngo’s credibility as a journalist.”

Burrows accused Ngo of being a “liar” and said he spreads “half-truths” without providing evidence for her claims.

Ngo’s attorney, Dorothy Yamamoto, argued that the defendants instigated the assault on the journalist by identifying him and encouraging others to attack Ngo.

Popular podcaster Tim Pool commented on the case, saying, “The facts of the case: Andy Ngo being like ‘Here is a video of me being mercilessly beaten in the street on more than one occasion. Here is a guy who admitted to attacking me in a gym. I need help.’ Then the defense attorney looks at [the jurors] and says: ‘I will remember all of your faces.’”

“The jurors are watching these people mercilessly beat innocent people and that’s not in question; we watch them do it on camera, and then the jurors are told, ‘We will never forget what you do this day.’”

“The jurors are basically thinking to themselves, ‘I don’t want to have anything to do with this,’ but they are cowards. That’s about it. Cowardice,” Pool said.

Four other Antifa members included in Ngo’s complaint were found in default for not appearing in court, and the judge will decide their damages, The Post Millennial reported.

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