In Ohio, civic bridges over cultural divides

Since the U.S. Supreme Court rescinded constitutional protection of abortion a year ago, every state ballot measure affirming the right of women to make their own reproductive decisions has passed. Those states now include Ohio. Voters there rejected a proposal last night intended to make it harder to enshrine social issues like abortion in the state’s constitution.

One consequence of the court’s decision to return the question of abortion rights to “the people and their elected representatives” is now becoming more apparent. The voting trend on ballot initiatives, consistent across red and blue states, shows that one of the most polarizing cultural issues in American society is now uniting Americans in defense of democracy.

“Ohio is stronger when we can all lend our voices and we all have an equal chance to participate in the work of our state’s democracy,” said former Republican Gov. John Kasich, one member of a bipartisan group of past Ohio governors and attorneys general who opposed the ballot measure.

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