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Revelations about $20 million in foreign payments to the Biden Family drop a week after Hunter’s business partner’s testimony about selling the Biden “Brand” far and wide … but asking about it is a “lousy” thing to do. It’s been a busy couple days for one Joe Biden.

House Oversights Releases Bank Records Showing $20 Million in Payments to Biden Inc. 

The House Oversight Committee on Wednesday released reams of Biden family-connected bank records showing millions in payments to Hunter Biden from foreign oligarchs, many of whom — oddly enough — also seem to have dined with Joe Biden while he was Vice President.

In fact, according to the memo released by Oversight, money changed hands just days or weeks before their sit downs with Joe Biden. For example, Just the News reports Russian oligarch and Putin pal “Yelena Baturina deposited $3.5 million into a bank account tied to Hunter Biden’s businesses and also committed to invest in a New York City real estate project with Biden’s partners.” Mere weeks later, she’s breaking bread with the Big Guy at a swanky D.C. restaurant. Funny enough, Baturina is not on the list of oligarchs sanctioned by the Biden Administration.

Must be some great dinner conversationalist. Or maybe Yelena just knows a lot about the weather. 

How much scratch are we talking about? Oversight traced, thus far, $20 million from Chinese, Russians, Ukrainians, Romanians and Kazhaks.

But No Direct Connection to Joe Biden

Despite the newly released records, despite the timing of the Biden meetings, despite Hunter’s business partner Devon Archer testifying under oath that foreign entities paid Hunter for the Biden “Brand” … aka access … Democrats insist there’s nothing to see. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) declared “Committee Republicans have once again released information on financial transactions that do not involve the president.” He insists the evidence has “all clearly established that President Biden was not involved in his son’s business dealings.”

Former Biden White House official Kate Berner touted a Politico tweet on the Oversight memo indicating “the memo … doesn’t show a direct payment to Joe Biden.” (Politico quickly deleted their tweet. And good luck finding a Politico story on the new bombshell information.)

All this must really be news to Hunter because in 2019 he griped in a text to his daughter Naomi about having had to fork over 50% of his earnings to his old man. Said Hunter, “I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

Jonathan Turley has a nice explanation of how Biden benefited from all these millions flowing into the family, even if his name isn’t on the transactions.

Joe Biden Thinks It’s a “Lousy” Question to Ask About All This

Fox New’s Peter Doocy managed to ask Biden about Devon Archer testifying about the 20 or so times the then-VP got on the phone with their foreign business interests. Biden doubled down.

“I never talked business with anybody,” he barked. “I knew you’d have a lousy question.”

“Why is that a lousy question?” Doocy asked.

“Because it’s not true.”

Remember, the White House changed the messaging a few weeks ago. Biden, they now say, was never “in business” with Hunter. But here again, Joe is saying he never “talked” business. And doesn’t think he should even be asked about it.

Well, if House Oversight Chairman James Comer has anything to say about it, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden will be talking about it under oath. Comer said Thursday he is going to subpoena the Biden Family.

“This is always going to end with the Biden’s coming in front of the committee. We are going to subpoena the family,” Comer told Fox Business. “We are putting the case together to win in court. Obviously, with all the opposition and obstruction that we are getting from the Biden attorneys now, we know that this is going to end up in court when we subpoena the Bidens.”

A “Gift to Putin”: Biden Thwarts U.S. Uranium Mining, Contradicting Green Energy Messaging

Biden did an interview with the Weather Channel and talked about the “existential threat” of “climate change.” (He also felt compelled to brush a bug away from the upper chest of interviewer Stephanie Abrams.)

This one day after he declared a million acres near the Grand Canyon a National Monument. A move that will heavily impact uranium mining in the U.S. Already the U.S. imports 95% of the uranium it uses.

So who does Biden’s move benefit? Russia and Kazakhstan. (Now where have I heard those two countries mentioned before in the same sentence?) Indeed, The Wall Street Journal calls the hit to U.S. uranium mining a “Gift to Putin.” So not only are Putin’s oil revenues shooting through the roof thanks to Biden’s energy policies and sanction efforts, his long-sought effort to corner the uranium market just got easier. (Remember the Uranium One fiasco during the Obama-Biden years? Obama for some reason signed off on the sale of the uranium company to Russia. Probably had nothing to do with the estimated $145 million pumped into Clinton Foundation by those with vested interests. Here’s a reminder.) 

According to mining company Energy Fuel Resources, the uranium deposits near the Grand Canyon are the good stuff too.

“The uranium deposits of Northern Arizona are geologically unique. They are very high-grade, close to the surface, and require very little land area to mine. As a result, they are among the lowest-cost and lowest-impact sources of uranium in the United States, making them national clean energy assets.”

Indeed, as National Review reports, “uranium is used for clean nuclear energy, which provides 20 percent of U.S. electricity and 50 percent of carbon-free electricity.”

Why would an administration that spends hundreds of billions pushing green energy, is warring against gas stoves, pizza ovens and light bulbs want to severely kneecap a vital source of clean energy?

I guess Biden would call that a “lousy question.”

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