‘Jesus Is Always the Answer’: Bible Verses, Quotes Hidden Throughout ‘The Chosen’ Set

The set of “The Chosen” is backed by Scripture — literally.

Across the sprawling first-century set in Midlothian, Texas, are inspiring faith-based quotes and Bible verses, written in black marker by construction workers who assembled many of the pieces.

B.J. Forman, coordinator for the art department of “The Chosen,” told reporters during a recent set visit to the Salvation Army-owned Camp Hoblitzelle that, after completing different pieces, he gave contractors and builders markers and invited them to write inspiring quotes and Bible verses on unfinished surfaces behind completed facades.

Check out a few pictures captured by CBN’s Faithwire:

This week, series creator and director Dallas Jenkins announced not only that he and the cast and crew of “The Chosen” had completed filming season four — a major feat amid the ongoing Hollywood writers’ and actors’ strike — but that it’s possible all those upcoming episodes could be released theatrically.

As CBN News reported, Jenkins also revealed he and his team have finished editing the first three episodes of season four, slated for release in late January or early February.

“I actually think that this is going to be the most impactful season we’ve ever done, emotionally and spiritually,” he said.

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In mid-July, Jenkins told fans of the Bible-based series it was the first show to successfully secure a waiver from the SAG-AFTRA strike, which has brought most of the entertainment industry to a screeching halt.

“We fit all qualifications for an exemption,” he wrote in an open memo to the Screen Actors Guild- American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, a labor union representing some 160,000 media professionals around the world. “You have our application for it. Every day that goes by without your response costs us hundreds of thousands of dollars while your actors are stuck in Utah.”

“We’re the good guys; we’ve treated your actors well,” Jenkins added. “Please take the few minutes to approve our application so your actors can get back to work getting paid for the last two weeks of a season they want to finish.”

Several of the actors in “The Chosen” are members of SAG-AFTRA, including Jonathan Roumie, who portrays Jesus in the popular series.

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