Minnie Mouse is a Man? Disney Hires Transgender Style Influencer

Disney recently hired transgender influencer Seann Altman as their style influencer to promote Minnie Mouse clothing, according to Fox News.

Disney Style, part of the Disney corporation, hired Altman to showcase a Minnie Mouse outfit, showing viewers accessories they could wear, including a petticoat, gloves and a belt. Altman shared with viewers how they can also wear their hair and do makeup to look like Minnie Mouse.

Minnie Mouse has been an icon for girls for multiple generations now. However, allowing a biological male to showcase female beauty standards provides a potentially damaging and false message of what womanhood is to young girls as this person cannot and will not ever understand what it means to be a woman.

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A few months ago, a video went viral from Disneyland featuring the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique where young girls can get princess makeovers. At the boutique, a male fairy “godmother” welcomed girls into the salon donning a full mustache and skirt.

These instances of Disney hiring men dressed as women comes in the wake of their LGBTQ agenda-setting with movies like “Strange World” and “Lightyear.”

Disney has also become known for their occultic themes with their latest entertainment releases like “Haunted Mansion,” and “Pauline,” which features the story of a young girl who falls in love with Satan. FXX, which is owned by Disney, also created the show “Little Demon” which features the life of an antichrist child.

These dark themes permeating Disney, however, do not come as a shock to some. In an interview with Charisma magazine, prophetic voice Amanda Grace talked about the hidden agendas that have been infiltrating the Disney brand for years.

“When Lucifer fell [from heaven], every gift and talent God gave him, he still had. So when he fell, he started to create and raise up these empires to raise up and train children at a very young age,” Grace said.

Grace believes that Disney is one of those empires that was created to deceive children.

“Disney was one of those that was invented and then as it went on its time, it was hijacked more and more to push dark arts, the order of the occult, these things out into the airwaves and onto the television,” Grace said.

For Christians, and especially Christian parents, this is the time to be extra vigilant of what kinds of media your children are consuming. Pointing them back to the Word of God first and most importantly will make all the difference in their future and the future of our society.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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