VA School District Pulls Sexually Graphic Content, Adds Books with Pro-American, Traditional Values

A conservative children’s book publisher that offers an alternative to the transgender ideology that’s being spread at Drag Queen Story hours in public libraries is now making books available to elementary schools across the country. But one Virginia school district is already getting pushback from some parents before the books hit the shelves, this fall.

Brave Books teaches kids pro-America and traditional moral themes with titles like “Elephants Are Not Birds”, “Paws Off My Cannon”, and “Frame, Blame and the Raft of Shame.”

And Spotsylvania County Public Schools will make books like these available to elementary school students, this fall. 

“Kirk Cameron’s Brave Books are an appropriate reading selection for kids,” Superintendent Mark Taylor of Spotsylvania County Public Schools told CBN News. “They impart moral lessons consistent with the mandate of Virginia law. And I think they are fun to read, too.”

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He added, “The parent and child engagement policy affirms the importance of parental rights and the centrality of a parents’ role in navigating family issues with their children.”

Kirk Cameron is one of many conservatives who have released books through the publishing house. Other names include Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), Libs of TikTok’s Chaya Raichik, former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer, and radio host Dana Loesch.

But Cameron has been in the national spotlight after several public libraries have canceled his “See You at the Library” events – a national effort to counter “Drag Queen Story Hour” by giving kids wholesome family-friendly content.

“There is a hunger both for wholesome content that teaches traditional conservative values, Christian values, but there’s also hunger for people to take action and work to take back some of these spaces, these institutions we’ve sort of just let the left control and own,” Brave Books co-CEO and founder Trent Talbot told Fox News. 

Earlier this year, the Spotsylvania school district removed 14 sexually explicit books from school libraries. 

Now some parents there are unhappy after the school board voted Monday afternoon in favor of receiving a donation of library books from Brave Books. 

“As a school board if you are going to say that some books aren’t allowed because they promote LGBTQ+ values and you get rid of those because they are ideological, then you can’t bring these in,” said Melissa Floyd, a parent of two children. 

Bernadette Chimer told ABC News she sits on the book committee and supports all topics being explored in literature.

“I am very pro-book,” she said. “I think if the worst thing that happens is that we have a library with all types of viewpoints that is really the best possible outcome we can have.”

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