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(LifeSiteNews) — Father James Altman and Liz Yore once again join John-Henry Westen on this week’s episode of Faith & Reason, in which they discuss Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s claim that he knows of a cardinal who questions the 2013 conclave that elected Pope Francis, as well as the fires that rocked the Hawaiian island of Maui. 

Speaking to Matt Gaspers of Catholic Family News, Viganò revealed that he is aware of a cardinal who told friends “he has witnessed facts that render the election of Jorge Mario null and void.” While the cardinal states he is maintaining silence for the sake of keeping the pontifical secret, Viganò contends he already broke it by speaking about the conclave with friends. 

Considering the cardinal’s apparent conversation with friends, Viganò contended that it could be possible for the Church’s to “settle the question” of the 2013 papal election. It is unclear if Viganò spoke to the cardinal in question. 

Reacting to Viganò’s allegations, Yore commented: “This is… an issue certainly that we have had heard a great deal about with respect to, one, the negotiations, the politicking before the conclave that appeared in Julia Meloni’s book St. Gallen Mafia, in Austen Ivereigh’s book, in The Dictator Pope.” She also noted that it would be good to have an investigation into the conclave.

Yore referenced issues involving the conclave, including a talk that disgraced former cardinal Theodore McCarrick gave at Villanova describing how an “Italian gentleman” said that then Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio could “reform” the Church, and a book by Catherine Pepinster of The Tablet calledThe Keys and the Kingdom: The British and the Papacy from John Paul II to Francis alleging that the British Foreign Office had a hand in the 2013 conclave.

“There is a lot of smoke around this issue, and… my hat’s off to Archbishop Viganò, because he is… raising this issue at this critical time in the papacy of Francis,” she said.

She also referenced an apostolic constitution of St. John Paul II, Universi Dominici Gregis, which states that a papal election which takes place in any way other than what it describes would be “null and void” (and was amended by Benedict XVI shortly before the 2013 conclave), questioning why an investigation could not occur to see if the conclave was “properly handled.”

“Our faith dies from the smoke created by this foul organization, this corrupt hierarchy… who… has had power to do this destruction interiorly in the Church since Leo XIII’s vision,” Fr. Altman opined, referencing an alleged vision that Pope Leo XIII had in the late 19th century in which Christ gave Satan a century to attempt to destroy the Church. “What we’re seeing now… is the coming to fruition of [the devil’s] hundred years of… more time and more power.”

Altman also noted that any investigation into the 2013 conclave would be “moot,” because Francis would be dead by the end of it, and asserted that Universi Dominici Gregis would already render the 2013 conclave “null and void” by virtue of what the anonymous cardinal allegedly said.

A viral video on TikTok, meanwhile, showed a Catholic church in Lahaina, Hawaii, that appeared to be spared from the wildfires that ravaged the town. The church, Maria Lanakila (meaning Our Lady of Victory) and its rectory remain standing, while the town around it was destroyed. The parish celebrates the Traditional Latin Mass on most Sunday afternoons.

Yore, speaking about the church and the wildfire, observed that “our Blessed Mother, when a conflagration, whether it’s a moral one or [a] real fire or… whatever the tragedy is occurring, turn to Our Lady of Victory.”

“I think that’s the strong message of Lahaina and Maui, that she will preserve and that she will protect us,” Yore added. “I hope it’s a message that gets reaffirmed by the Catholic media… that that beautiful… old church that withstood the wrath of nature is a message that we need to… heed.” 

Altman, addressing what could have caused the fire, related a message from one of his relatives who lives in the mountains surrounding Lahaina, alleging that a group of arsonists attempted to set fire to her neighborhood in the wake of the Lahaina fire.

“We’ve heard how arsonists started the fires in Canada, how they started the fires in California, how they started … the fires here in Hawaii,” Altman contended. Noting that the mainstream media is blaming “climate change” for the fires, Altman said that the fires were “man-made.”

“What kind of sick and depraved mind are the arsonists in… Maui that are starting more fires, causing more death and mayhem?” he asked.

Yore also noted that the police chief of Lahaina was the man in charge of the investigation of the Las Vegas mass shooting, with Altman alleging that there were oddities connected with his investigation into it.

Yore, commenting on the accusations of arson, said, “I think we should all suspend judgment until we see the real facts come out,” asserting that “it will take” people in Maui to report what is going on there rather than the mainstream media, an assertion Westen made a moment before. 

“There’s too many unanswered questions and frankly, bizarre things that… have happened as a result,” she added. “I think we just have to stay put. Pray for the people of Maui, pray that they return to Our Lady of Victory, those that [are] fallen away Catholics, those that may convert through this crisis, that… the pews are filled at Our Lady of Victory.”

For all this and more, tune in to this week’s episode of Faith & Reason. 

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