NYC Considering Housing Migrants in Shipping Containers – American Faith

Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams is reportedly considering housing illegal immigrants in shipping containers on the city’s streets.

The mayor is allegedly looking to use trailers, pre-fabs and converted containers to house the border crossers in parking lots at Citi Field and Aqueduct.

Former city council speaker said the plan was “the most ridiculous idea” she had ever heard.

“It has been challenging to have sidewalk cafés in the street. We’re going to put people in the street? That is just asinine, and quite frankly, it’s one of those things that people put on a list so people like me will get enraged about it, and then they’ll slip something else bad in — but that isn’t quite as bad,” Quinn said.

From Breitbart:

Since the spring of last year, about 100,000 border crossers and illegal aliens have arrived in New York City, a sanctuary city, where Adams has said “there is no room” and has turned to busing migrants out into the surrounding suburbs and upstate.
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