Top of the Week: Major League Pitcher’s No-Hitter Shines Spotlight on His Unwavering Christian Faith

Michael Lorenzen after the final out that clinched his no-hitter (YouTube Screengrab/NBC Sports Philadelphia)

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Major League Pitcher’s No-Hitters Shines Spotlight on His Unwavering Christian Faith

Michael Lorenzen, a Major League Baseball player who recently joined the Philadelphia Phillies, accomplished a remarkable feat by pitching a no-hitter, a rarity in the sport, during a recent game against the Washington Nationals at Citizens Bank Park.

Lorenzen’s exceptional performance on the field left fans and commentators in awe, but it was his remarks after the game that caught the attention of many. In an interview with NBC Sports Philadelphia, Lorenzen attributed his success to his Christian faith.

Speaking with humility and gratitude, Lorenzen expressed, “I just had God’s grace today and I definitely got to thank God for today. I got to give Him … all the glory just to be able to keep me calm and trusting in Him.” He continued, “Whatever happened, I was just going to trust in Him and that’s kind of what I’ve been doing all season in trying to just lean on Him.”

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‘Jesus, Please Help Me!’ Plea Saves Woman’s Life

A Texas woman’s plea to Jesus saved her life during a freak accident. The answer also came in an unprecedented manner, too.

Fox News reported that Peggy Jones was attacked by a 3-to-4-foot-long snake while on her tractor mowing her lawn. The reptile, however, didn’t slither up onto the tractor from the ground. Instead, it fell out of the sky and clutched onto Jones’ right arm, spewing what may have been venom at her.

“As [I’m] trying to sling it off, he’s striking me in my face,” Jones said to Fox. “He hit my glasses a couple of times. I could feel the pressure of the hit. He’s not coming off. It’s like he’s glued onto my arm.”

Jonathan Cahn Unveils the Ancient Mystery Behind ‘Barbie’

In one of his latest videos, Jonathan Cahn unveiled the ancient mystery behind the “Barbie” movie as it skyrockets to the top of box office charts. In a world where entertainment and pop culture play a pivotal role in shaping societal norms and values, the release of this seemingly innocent movie has had far greater spiritual implications than anyone might have thought.

“The fact that Hollywood could take that doll and turn it into an attack on half of the human race, on marriage, on life itself is a sign of just how sickened our culture has become,” Cahn said.

Cahn points out that the movie is blatant in its attack against marriage, and particularly on men. He suggests that there is an even darker mystery behind Barbie’s cheerful façade.

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Are 70% of Believers Afraid of the Future?

If the Bible teaches believers that they have already won the victory over the enemy, then why do a vast majority of them have a growing sense of fear for the future?

A recent study by Lifeway Research revealed that seven out of 10 U.S. Protestant pastors believe there is a growing sense of fear within their congregations about the future of the nation and the world.

Moreover, 63% of Protestant pastors say their churches have a similar dread, specifically about the future of Christianity in the U.S. and around the world.

Anne Graham Lotz and Daughter: Jesus’ Return Is ‘Imminent’

Bible teacher Anne Graham Lotz and her daughter Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright are on a mission to help prepare believers for Jesus’ imminent return.

“I don’t want to leave anything to chance,” Graham Lotz, the daughter of late evangelist Billy Graham, wrote on Facebook. “I want to be ready. I want to prepare now to meet Jesus.”

“Jesus is coming! All indicators point to the fact that His return is imminent. While expectancy among people of faith worldwide is at a fever pitch, I wonder if you and I are actually prepared for that world-changing, history-altering, heart-stopping moment in time,” Lotz Wright wrote on another social media post.

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