Brazilian Government Arrests Patriotic Gospel Singer, 8 Other Conservatives – American Faith

The Brazilian government arrested gospel singer Fernanda Ôliver after she performed while “wearing the Brazilian flag on her shoulders.”

Her other crime was “using other props, such as caps,” according to a Soros-funded newspaper.

“This is the ‘crime’ that singer Fernanda Oliver who was unfairly arrested today committed,” a tweet read. “Sing for freedom.”

The police were sent to arrest 10 other conservatives, although 2 escaped.

One individual, Bruno “Monark” Aiub, was suspended from all social media profiles and fined $75,000.

Another journalist, Allan Frutuoso, was arrested while attempting to board a plane.

Frutuoso’s crime was protesting at the Federal Police headquarters in Brasilia in December.

Reporting from The Gateway Pundit:

The Biden Regime “fully supports” the Brazilian coup, State Department shill Ned Price said in January. White House Resident Joe Biden held a virtual meeting with Socialist President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on Aug. 16, promising the communist criminal $500 million US taxpayer dollars to prop up his dictatorship as the economy collapses.

The Blinken State Department were too rock stupid to realize South American Communists all support China and Russia, not the USA. They’ll take our money though.
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