Black August Celebrates African American Resistance

Black August celebrates the history of African American resistance and the legacy of freedom fighters. The month-long observance honors the lives of those who have struggled for African American liberation and brings attention to the deaths of political prisoners and victims of state-sanctioned violence. 

This is not another Black History Month but part of an ongoing critique of the prison-industrial complex with the hope of abolition. Consequently, participants are invited to study, reflect, plan, and commit to working towards liberation for people racialized and minoritized as Black. Black August also highlights the struggles against colonialism, capitalism, and white supremacy.

This, in turn, calls attention to key moments in history. The Haitian Revolution, the Nat Turner Rebellion, the Fugitive Slave Law Convention, the Watts Uprising, and the March on Washington all occurred in August. 

Occurring on August 5, the riverboat dock brawl in Montgomery, Alabama, where co- captain of the Harriott II Damien Pickett was physically assaulted by several European Americans will likely be added to the list. In his written deposition, Pickett said he

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