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The Lord is constantly looking for people He can use to be a blessing to others. The thing you are holding on to may be the answer to someone’s prayers. There is no greater joy than to be the person God uses to fulfill someone else’s prayer request.

Several years ago, I was having a hard time being single as the holidays approached. I didn’t have a husband or kids to buy presents for and was getting increasingly depressed as I looked at the empty space under my Christmas tree. As I thought about what I would buy if I was married with kids, my thoughts drifted to the families in the church who were struggling financially; the women who had a husband and kids, but no money to buy presents. I figured they would also be experiencing some level of heartache.

Maybe I can help and bring a little holiday cheer, I thought. What if I make it possible for someone who has a family but no money to buy presents? Perhaps I can take the cash I would’ve spent on gifts and give it to a family so they can get Christmas gifts for their kids.

I had no idea how much kids’ toys were, but I figured $500 would be a place to start. There were several families that came to mind as I prayed about who to give the money to. However, one family stood out. They were a blended family with eight kids ranging from a toddler to a nineteen-year-old. Even with busy schedules, the parents somehow still found the time to serve as greeters at church. Anytime I felt too tired to serve, I thought about this family, and I had no excuse. They gave so selflessly of their time regardless of their circumstances.

I remember writing out the check and thinking, “God, I sure hope I’m hearing you correctly.” While I had given larger checks to the church, I’d never given this amount to people I did not know that well. That weekend, I waited until they were done serving and approached them.

“Hey, Joe and Mary. [The names were changed.] How are you guys doing? Are you ready for Christmas?” They looked at each other and then back at me. “We’re getting there,” Joe said. Still trying to make sure I’d heard from God, I asked, “Are you done with your Christmas shopping for the kids?” It was a week out from Christmas, and I figured they had already bought some gifts. “Actually, we haven’t started,” Mary said sheepishly. “I don’t get paid for a few more days,” Joe explained. The moment he said that, I knew the check was for them.

“The Lord put you on my heart,” I said. “I don’t have a family of my own to shop for and I would love to help provide Christmas for your family.” When I handed them the check, their eyes got really big as they looked at each other and then back at me. With tears in their eyes, they shared, “We didn’t know how we were going to be able to buy gifts for our kids. We barely have enough to cover the bills. This is going to help a lot. Thank you so much!” By that time, we were all in tears.

I’ve found there’s no greater joy than partnering with God in blessing others. It’s an incredible honor to be a vessel He chooses to use. I believe He’s always listening to our prayers and looking for people whom He can answer them through. Your obedience to let go and bless someone may be the answer to their prayers.

Grace Wabuke Klein tells her story this Wednesday on LIFE TODAY. Taken from Flourish by Grace Wabuke Klein. Copyright © 2023 by Grace Wabuke Klein. Published by Hachette Book Group. Used by permission.

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