Flight Patterns of Soaring Souls

There goes my soul 
across the sky, 
soaring in a windswept V, 
a pattern of belonging, 
attached to the wild soul in front of me
and the one behind. 

There above the earth, 
swept aloft by my Leader,  
the walls of tomorrow 
blend into yesterday, 
and eternity is the view from the heights.

They watch, 
those souls tethered to the ground 
in time and place;
they listen 
to our haunting wild call 
and they know it to be 
the cry of joyful freedom. 

They cannot come, 
they cannot soar, 
because they do not know 
my Leader 
and cannot then know how to fly. 

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” —John 8:36

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