Readers write: Sharing with our neighbors, and mending the past

A church of community

The article “Empty no more: French churches get new roles” in the Sept. 4 Weekly is inspiring. It has relevance for me as a member of Trinity Episcopal Church in Lewiston, Maine. We are a small worshipping congregation that for over 20 years has provided rent-free space to a social service agency called the Trinity Jubilee Center. 

The center provides meals, a food bank, counseling, job assistance, mail and phone services, and doctor visits for free. It helps poor and homeless people, and now a large immigrant population, find work and meet food needs.

We have taken the pews out of our main sanctuary and painted a labyrinth on the refinished floor, and we are in the process of welcoming all community groups to use our space. Rental costs are minimal, and we offer free weekly concerts and space for lessons, programs, and meetings to our neighbors.

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