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(LifeSiteNews) –– The pro-life president of a Canadian hospice society has warned that the release of a euthanasia training program championed and funded by the Liberal federal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is nothing more than preparation for “the next phase of the Canadian Cull.”  

“They (the Trudeau government Minister of Health Mark Holland) want us to think Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) is so ‘personal and complex’ that apparently no ordinary person could possibly understand the intricacies of non-culpable homicide,” Angelina Ireland, who serves as the president of the pro-life Delta Hospice Society (DHS) in British Columbia, told LifeSiteNews. 

“Exactly, I don’t understand how easily the government can get away with executing its citizens.” 

On September 13 Health Canada released its “Medical Assistance in Dying accredited training program for health professionals.”

The MAiD “training program” was developed by the pro-euthanasia advocacy group Canadian Association of MAiD Assessors and Providers (CAMAP). 

“This Curriculum is the first nationally accredited, bilingual MAiD education program available to licensed physicians and nurse practitioners across the country and will help achieve a safe and consistent approach to care,” said the government. 

The program was first announced back in 2022 and the government says it includes a “series of training modules to advise and support clinicians in assessing persons who request MAiD, including those with mental illness, complex chronic conditions, or who are impacted by structural vulnerability.” 

Ireland told LifeSiteNews that what the Health Canada press release should have read, instead of saying it supports “health care professionals,” is that it is “preparing” them for “the next phase of the Canadian Cull.” 

“CAMAP calls itself the ‘leader for the community of professionals,’ and the leading voice in this new field of healthcare.’ By being ‘professionals’ are they expecting us to act like the subjects did in the Milgram Experiment and go along with blind obedience to authority figures in white coats as they carry on lethally injecting us?” questioned Ireland. 

“Or do they anticipate that after seven years of government-funded encouragement, woke activism, and eroded legal safeguards, we are all Pavlov’s Dogs? Are we now conditioned to display the appropriate response and just step forward to get euthanized?” 

According to Health Canada, the Government of Canada, under the pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia Trudeau regime, is “committed to supporting individuals who meet the eligibility criteria to have their MAiD request considered in a fair, safe and consistent manner, while supporting efforts to protect those who may be vulnerable, including persons who suffer from a mental illness.” 

The Liberal federal government under Trudeau legalized euthanasia in 2016, and since that time deaths have skyrocketed under its MAiD program. There has also been a continued push to further expand who can qualify for state-sanctioned death.    

The allowance of MAiD for those suffering solely from mental illness came as part of the 2021 passage of Bill C-7, which also allowed the chronically ill — not just the terminally ill — to qualify for doctor-assisted death.    

The mental illness expansion was originally set to take effect in March of this year. However, after massive pushback from pro-life groups, conservative politicians, and others, the Liberals under Trudeau delayed the introduction of the full effect of Bill C-7 until 2024 via Bill C-39, which became law on March 9.    

In June, prominent pro-life researcher Patricia Maloney called out the Trudeau Liberals for handing out more than $3 million to CAMAP. 

Canada ‘doesn’t treat dogs’ the way it treats human beings

Ireland told LifeSiteNews that the reality in Trudeau’s Canada is that there are “fewer and fewer places” for pro-life Canadians “to hide” from the grips of euthanasia.  

“MAiD has become endemic. If you are sick, frail, elderly, disabled, poor, hungry, homeless, mentally ill, or a veteran with PTSD, your likelihood of being euthanized by a professional rises each year by over 20 percent,” she said.  

“Canada doesn’t treat dogs that way.  In Canada, we proudly have no-kill animal shelters…”

Ireland said that in Trudeau’s Canada, there is no “reprieve in sight” regarding MAiD.  

Despite being less than a decade old, Canada’s euthanasia program is becoming a leading cause of death in the nation.

In July, LifeSiteNews reported how the Canadian province of Ontario has seen deaths by state-sanctioned euthanasia skyrocket by 25 percent in the first five months of 2023, meaning that the province is on track to see a whopping 5,000 die via the grim procedure this year alone.  

Ireland told LifeSiteNews that the DHS has launched what it calls the “Guardian Angels” to combat the rise in euthanasia. Guardian Angels, explains Ireland, is a “national volunteer health advocate program that seeks to walk with people on their healthcare journey and support them to find alternatives to euthanasia.” 

Last month, Ireland warned that the Canadian government was funding “activist groups” to spread pro-euthanasia propaganda.  

When combined with the DHS’s “Do Not Euthanize Advanced Directive,” the group says its innovative tools are designed to “help protect the sanctity of life to its natural end.” 

For more information on the DHS’s “Guardian Angels” and its “Do Not Euthanize Advanced Directive,” visit their website at 

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