Attack on Israel Characterized by an Unprecedented ‘Level of Barbarianism and Viciousness’: Richard Baehr on ‘Rose Unplugged’ – American Faith

On the podcast “Rose Unplugged” with host Rose Tennent, Richard Baehr, co-founder and contributor to American Thinker, discussed the violent actions taken against Israel by the terrorist organization Hamas.

They delved into the unparalleled violence Israel has faced since the Holocaust.

“You’re seeing a level of barbarianism and viciousness that’s hard to explain if you’re a normal human being,” Baehr said. “It’s just a completely horrific experience.”

Baehr revealed that Hamas launched their attack during a “peace concert.”

“That’s what this was—a peace concert,” Baehr noted. “There is nothing that would ever call for mass murdering civilians that have nothing to do with what is being experienced on the other side.”

“This truly is just hatred,” Rose commented.

Shifting the focus to Iran’s involvement in the attacks, Rose said, “Iran is certainly behind this, and it makes you sick to think how [the United States] has given Iran what they needed to give [Hamas] what they needed,” referencing the Biden administration’s recent $6 billion asset transfer to Iran for prisoners.

On this topic, Baehr asked, “At what point do you recognize that when [Iran] says, ‘Death to Israel, death to America,’ they mean death to both?”

Rose and Baehr both expressed reservations about Biden’s position with Israel.

Even though Biden purports to support Israel, Baehr observed, he “hosted an Israeli opposition leader but wouldn’t host Netanyahu, who’s the Prime Minister.”

Turning the conversation to potential threats to America, Baehr and Rose discussed border issues.

“We have had over seven and a half million migrants coming in since Biden took office,” Rose mentioned.

“One in a thousand was a bad guy,” Baehr responded. “People are buried somewhere in America and nobody knows where they are.”

“Who knows what they’re doing? Who knows who they’re conspiring with? Who knows who they’re recruiting who’s already in America?” he asked. “If America escapes over the next few years without any of this kind of insanity, we’ll be lucky.”

However, there remains a beacon of hope.

Baehr highlighted that “many of the born-again Christians and evangelicals in America have been the most avid supportive people for the state of Israel for decades.”

Rose spoke to the power of faith, saying, “The greatest thing that any of us can do—Jew and Christian alike—is pray.”

“Pray, and be vigilant, and stand up to the liars and deniers,” Baehr echoed.

Listen to the full interview below:

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