Morning Rundown: Hamas: The Direct Connection Between Hitler and Radical Islam

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Hamas: The Direct Connection Between Hitler and Radical Islam

Have you ever wondered why leftists, including radical feminists and LGBTQ activists and their allies, support Hamas? The reality is that radical feminists protesting for their rights in Gaza would either be jailed on the spot or killed.

As for a gay pride event in Gaza, the very thought of it is ludicrous. That would likely be the last public event of the participants’ lives. Why, then, the great support for Hamas? Even an immodestly dressed woman in Gaza would be subject to immediate punishment, potentially including a beating on the spot.

In contrast, Israel has a very strong feminist base, while Tel Aviv was voted the world’s most gay-friendly city. As for immodesty, Israel has plenty of it. (I’m not proud of this. I’m just stating the facts.)

41 Answers to Your Questions About Hamas, Terrorism, Israel and the End Times

Many around the world have been tuned in to what is happening in the Middle East and to the cowardly attack on the State of Israel. Some, however, may still need some education about the Holy Land, and about the terrorist organization that perpetrated the attack.

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Here are 41 facts you need to know about Israel and Hamas as of Tuesday, Oct. 10:

1. Number of rockets fired by Hamas: estimates as low as 2,500, as high as 5,000.

Are We Seeing End Times Prophecies Coming to Pass in Israel?

The world today is a roiling cauldron of international tensions. Following the United States’ humiliating exit from Afghanistan, war rages between the Taliban and the Islamic State.

Civil war rages in Yemen, Somalia, the Maghreb, Sudan and other parts of Africa. Ethiopian, Eritrean and Sudanese forces clash. The Islamic State insurgency threatens Iraq’s stability, and the Boko Haram insurgency threatens Nigeria.

The Syrian Civil War continues year after year. Israel-Palestinian tensions frequently flare up into open warfare. Russia besieges Ukraine. China threatens Taiwan. Iran is developing an “Islamic bomb” and announcing plans to destroy Israel. Murderous drug wars rage in Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela.

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