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(LifeSiteNews) – South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace is seeking to rebrand herself as opposed to the “Establishment” after she surprisingly joined a handful of Republicans and Democratic representatives to vote to oust Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House.

“Fight the D.C. Establishment,” her X cover image reads. “I’m not afraid of the establishment. I owe DC nothing and I’ll stand with real Americans every single time,” she wrote on October 5 after voting to remove McCarthy.

She’s currently walking around the halls of Congress with a scarlet letter “A,” comparing herself to Hester Prynne, a character from the novel “The Scarlet Letter” about a woman who fornicates with a local minister.

But the Republican is not anti-establishment and voters should not be fooled into thinking she is.

Before Mace’s rebranding, her key priorities seemed to be watering down her party’s opposition to abortion, which she often attempted to do through appearances on liberal news outlets.

One of the reasons she voted to oust McCarthy was not because he was pushing through spending for the war in Ukraine or other problems conservatives had with him. Mace was upset he had not moved her pro-birth control legislation quickly enough.

The liberal “told reporters that it was because he had failed to bring up votes he had promised related to abortion and birth control access,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

“Representative Nancy Mace told reporters she voted to remove McCarthy as speaker because he broke promises to her on improving access to birth control and supporting a bill she wrote on rape kits,” Reuters reported.

She was also behind legislation to make dangerous chemical abortion drugs more widely available and also told the Biden administration to ignore court rulings that stopped the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of abortion drugs. Mace, like Donald Trump, has criticized Florida’s heartbeat abortion law, calling it “not compassionate.”

Mace also takes the Establishment line when it comes to radical Democratic LGBT policies — simply taking the terrible leftist legislation, slapping a vague religious liberty exemption on it, and then pretending it’s some great proposal.

That’s no surprise because Mace supports the LGBT agenda, voting in favor of forcing gay “marriage” onto all 50 states. The twice-divorced congresswoman who cohabitates with her fiance appeared to mock the institution of Biblical marriage further in her comments.

“If gay couples want to be as happily or miserably married as straight couples, more power to them. Trust me, I’ve tried it more than once,” she wrote on X on July 19, 2022 after her pro-gay “marriage” vote. She included a laughing emoji to underscore that she thinks it’s funny.

Grassroots leaders see through Mace’s costume.

“The establishment? Girl, you ARE the establishment, and the reason you voted to remove McCarthy wasn’t even good, it’s because he rightly wouldn’t give you MORE abortion rights,” Students for Life Action president Kristan Hawkins wrote on X. “Sit down or go join the Democrats. See you in SC for your primary.”

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