‘Have People Lost Their Minds?’: Popular Actor Condemns Americans Praising Hamas’ Violence Against Israel

One of the stars of Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things” is boldly rebuking those celebrating Hamas.

Noah Schnapp, 19, slammed those on his social media accounts posting celebratory comments about Hamas’ deadly attack against Israel. The teenage actor’s bold remarks came days after the terrorist group controlling the Gaza Strip launched its assault against the Holy Land.

“As a Jewish American, I am afraid,” Schnapp began his heart-rending post. “Afraid for my brothers and sisters in Israel, who have been senselessly attacked by Hamas. I am truly heartbroken to see the brutal murders of innocent children, women and soldiers fighting to defend themselves. I, like others, want peace for both Palestinians and Israelis. Let’s stop the rhetoric and choosing sides. Instead we must recognize that we are all on the side of the fight against terrorism. Choose humanity over violence.”

While many celebrities have released statements condemning the violence, the “Stranger Things” star took it a step further: he called out anyone defending or in any way praising the terrorists attacking the Jewish state. His comments echo the sentiments of those who have called out MSNBC for appearing with its language to excuse the atrocities carried out by Hamas.

Schnapp wrote about the pro-Hamas comments he received after posting about a “young innocent girl whose life was taken by Hamas at a music festival,” when the assault began Saturday, Oct. 7.

“I was met with comments reading, ‘No one cares free Palestine,’ and, ‘She deserves that, and every Israeli terrorist deserves that – Free Palestine,’” the actor wrote. “I am outraged by the justification and celebration of the death of a young girl’s life. Have people lost their minds??? STOP!”

“This is one example of many posts, rallies, and petitions being signed attempting to justify the brutality against these innocent Israeli people,” he continued. “You don’t have to be Jewish, you don’t have to be Israeli, you just have to have empathy and common sense to know that THIS is wrong.”

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The young celebrity further lambasted people who have remained silent amid the ongoing war in Israel, noting many of those who have yet to speak have been quick to address climate change and the conflict in Ukraine.

“I hope we can agree that Hamas are a recognized terrorist organization,” he explained. “They don’t represent the Palestinian people when they value murdering Israelis more than protecting their own. You either stand with Israel or you stand with terrorism. It shouldn’t be a difficult choice. Shame on you.”

Schnapp added, “While you justify the murders and torture of our loved ones, we will hope and pray for safety, justice, liberation, and self determination in Palestine.”

Jon Voight, who is both Christian and conservative, took to his X account Wednesday to voice his support for Israel, going so far as to call the ongoing war in Israel the “Hamas Holocaust.”

“It’s the horror that was witnessed by the Jews of Auschwitz and I have come now to warn the evil ones that God will show truths again,” he said solemnly. “He shall win this war for His people, as when Moses was able to lift the Red Sea.”

On Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the terrorist group attacking the Jewish nation, “Every member of Hamas is a dead man.” His bold declaration — ahead of the Israeli Defense Force’s anticipated invasion of Gaza — comes as the Israeli death toll surpasses 1,300, with some 150 Jewish citizens reportedly held in captivity.

Members of CBN Digital hosted a prayer event Thursday with CBN’s Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell. You can watch that event below:

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