AI’s Role in the Future of Christianity and Spreading the Gospel

In a rapidly changing world, Prophet Tomi Arayomi, a prominent voice in the Christian community, sheds light on the intersection of faith and technology in a recent interview with Charisma News.

Arayomi is urging Christians to harness the power of AI, emphasizing that the era of artificial intelligence is here, and there’s no turning back.

Arayomi is currently leading a course called “Target,” designed to equip Christians with the skills to utilize AI or risk becoming obsolete in the job market. He stresses that the impact of AI on various professions is undeniable since AI is advancing at an unprecedented pace, learning and adapting independently.

“The Lord told me to call it ‘Target,’ [to] use the tool of AI or become a tool of AI. And the truth is what I tell those people, you should be afraid. And I don’t mean that in a spreading fear kind of way, I mean that your job is going to be replaced, there’s no doubt about it. If you are a web designer, graphic designer, Photoshop editor, if you’re an administrator, secretary or personal assistant, your job is going to be replaced,” Arayomi warns.

Arayomi highlights the pressing questions surrounding AI’s capabilities. Is it sentient, and can it be held accountable for crimes? He points to a recent case in which Alexa, a popular AI-powered device, was summoned as a witness in a legal trial in the United States. These developments signal the arrival of a new normal, and Arayomi believes it’s time to embrace it.

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Drawing a parallel to history, Arayomi compares the influence of AI to the Roman roads in the spread of the gospel. The Roman roads acted as a primitive form of the worldwide web, facilitating the rapid dissemination of Christianity. While these roads were also used for less noble purposes, they served as a vital conduit for sharing the message of Jesus. Arayomi believes AI will play a similar role among the younger generations, particularly Gen Z.

Arayomi acknowledges potential dangers associated with AI in that it represents a singularity, an uncharted territory, and its evolution is proceeding at a pace that could surpass human intelligence. It raises questions about the potential consequences and ethical implications of AI development.

Arayomi emphasizes that AI is not something to fear but to use wisely. Just as the printing press, the telegraph, radio, television and the early internet aided previous generations in spreading the gospel, AI will be a tool for the church in the ongoing digital age. While it comes with risks, it also offers unprecedented opportunities to advance the message of faith. As Arayomi puts it, “We are here now. There is no going back. Might as well use it.”

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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