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LOUDOUN COUNTY, Virginia (LifeSiteNews) – A family in a school district at the heart of the nation’s transgender debate is speaking out about an area school allowing a male student into female locker rooms and the school’s failure to take seriously the ensuing trauma for female students.

Local ABC affiliate WJLA spoke to the anonymous mother of a girl on a Loudoun County high school sports team, who is upset that “there’s a biological boy that has been in the girls’ athletic locker room,” and that the district allegedly does not notify parents of such developments.

“It’s crazy to me as a parent that everybody else has no right, has no privacy, just so that we can be kind to one child, and I mean them no harm,” she continued. “I want them to be able to have a safe place to change. So, either give them a spot that is, as you know, separate and private for them, or go to their biological sex [locker room], and if that’s not comfortable for them, let them make that decision, but not at the expense of everybody else. The LCPS policy says that all should have a safe place to change.”

“It’s very uncomfortable to me. Because knowing that there’s a biological male that’s changing in a locker room where I am changing is very uncomfortable,” the daughter said. “This needs to be changed. Because I don’t think any girl or boy wants to change with the opposite gender.”

When pressed, a Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) spokesperson said simply that the district “is in compliance with current School Board policies, including Policy 8040,” which was adopted in 2021 and allows students to use whatever intimate facilities align with their preferred “gender identity.”

The school board voted 7-2 to adopt the policy at the time; this week, none of the members responded to WJLA’s requests to discuss their positions in light of this family’s objections.

The district also did not answer WJLA’s questions about parental notification or whether schools have sufficient private facilities for girls who do not want to change or shower with boys.

The district did, however, say that Policy 8040 is currently being reviewed to determine compliance with a model policy promulgated by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) under Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin, which requires students to be addressed by their legal names and actual sex, as well as to use biological sex to determine which bathrooms, lockers, or athletic teams they are allowed to access. 

Other districts’ refusal to comply with the state rules have sparked concerns over how effectively the Youngkin administration will be able to enforce them.

Critics argue that forcing girls to share intimate facilities such as bathrooms, showers, and changing areas with members of the opposite sex violates their privacy rights, subjects them to needless emotional stress, and gives potential male predators a viable pretext to enter female bathrooms or lockers by simply claiming transgender status. 

In Loudoun County, former superintendent Scott Ziegler is facing charges for allegedly covering up the rape of a female student by a “transgender” classmate in a girls’ bathroom due to its damaging implications for the LGBT movement. Last month, he was convicted of “using his official position to retaliate against someone for exercising their rights” by firing a teacher who testified about the situation before a grand jury.

In 2021, that father’s angry confrontation of the school board during a meeting was seized upon by the Biden administration, LGBT activists, and their media allies as evidence teachers across the country were being victimized by right-wing “extremists” before what had been done to his daughter became public knowledge.

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