For King & Country – Christian Music Offers a ‘Peek into what Heaven Must Be Like’

On the red carpet ahead of the 2023 Dove Awards, Grammy Award-winning duo “For King & Country” shared that Christian music plays a key role in spiritual formation because it provides a “peek into what Heaven must be like.”

“Someone could be going through a very, very typical thing in their lives, and you can play a song, and it can go for about three minutes and 30 seconds, and all of a sudden, something in that space transforms who they are,” Luke Smallbone of for King & Country told The Christian Post at the red carpet ahead of the 2023 Dove Awards.

“I think that gives you a little bit of a peek into what Heaven must be like because I don’t know anything else that can have that type of impact. No sermon, for the most part, transforms the condition of someone’s soul so quickly.” 

“I think that develops people spiritually,” he continued. “I think it’s very, very rare when you see someone with a great joy who is singing songs to God, that they are struggling or barely making it. They usually have a joy that is innate, that is indescribable. And I think it’s a spiritual practice.”

During the annual awards show, Grammy-winning artist Jordin Sparks performed “Love Me Like I Am” alongside the Australian duo. 

“What is special about this throughline with Christian music is that there’s always an underlying message of hope. And there’s always an underlying message of love. And there’s always an underlying message of ‘you can do this,’ and ‘we can get through this together,'” she told CP. 

“Some other genres are very exclusive, but Christian music is about people being in this together. It’s about loving you as you are and coming as you are,” she noted.

Moriah Peters Smallbone, wife of For King & Country singer Joel Smallbone, stressed that music serves as a bridge between cultures and people.

“We try to be a bridge, projects that bring cultures and people groups that seemingly have nothing in common together,” she explained. “There’s this underlying thread, this consistent message. Unity is incredibly valuable in a time where people are increasingly divided.”

For King & Country and Sparks were nominated for Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year for “Love Me Like I Am,” which they lost out to Blessing Offor for “Brighter Days.”

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