I Believe

Chances are good that if you have been to church recently, a Phil Wickham song graced the worship playlist. The 39-year-old, San Diego, Calif., native is steadily climbing to the top of the list of modern worship music leaders.

Wickham’s tenth LP (long-playing) record, I Believe, salutes the hope and our position in Jesus. “There are so many searching for truth, meaning, belonging, purpose, hope, fulfillment, peace and healing,” Wickham passionately states in a release about his inspiration for I Believe. “I have found all of these things and more in the person of Jesus Christ. I think the world is desperate to see and hear people full of hope, joy, love and confidence telling their stories about how Jesus saved and changed their lives.” 

The recording features the No. 1 single and declaration “This is Our God.” Other highlights include the title track, “I Believe,” with uptempo guitars and drums, and “Sunday is Coming,” a celebration song. Wickham also welcomes Tiffany Hudson on “Psalm 23” and Naomi Raines on “Holy Moment” as these guest artists contribute to 14 total tracks of inspirational music. Look for this record to garner future awards at music events. (Fairtrade)

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