Morning Rundown: Has This Kent Christmas Prophecy For 2023 Been Fulfilled?

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Has This Kent Christmas Prophecy For 2023 Been Fulfilled?

Back in September, Kent Christmas shared some very clear and specific prophecies that would come to pass in the last few months of 2023. The question now is whether one of these prophecies has already been fulfilled.

One of the specific prophecies that Christmas spoke over was that God was going to do something to shake up Congress.

“I’m going to so confuse the so-called experts,” Christmas said. “I’m going to show up in places nobody thought that I could show up. ‘Before I’m done,’ says the Lord, ‘They will allow a Spirit-filled, Holy Ghost, tongue-talking preacher to open Congress.'”

Why Christians Must Resist the Demonic Pull of Halloween

Over my last 25 years of ministry, I have had many encounters with witchcraft and the evil that is celebrated on Halloween, and I implore you to trust me: If you participate in Halloween at any level, you are at risk. There is nothing innocent about it and there is no way to sanctify it. The stories I could tell would make your skin crawl.

The level of demonic activity around the world on this night should result in millions of Christians gathering together to pray on fire in response.

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We must understand that a key role for us as Christians is to expose darkness. Strangely, instead of doing that with anointing and passion, when October rolls around, Christians—actual blood-bought servants of a holy God—are actually enjoying and promoting darkness. If we understood the evil that surrounds this unholy day, we’d shout from the rooftops the danger and evil that is overcoming our culture.

Why a Former Satanist Thanks God for Halloween

Whenever I think of Halloween, my memory immediately goes back to when I was in third grade. I wore a Batman costume.

Remember when they made the mask out of the most inexpensive plastic manufactured and it was held on your head by a single rubber band stapled into place? The hole for you to breathe through had to be smaller than the eye of a needle. And, when you arrived at the front door to shout, “trick or treat,” you could only muster a muffled attempt at sound.

Once I accomplished the goal of attaining the treat, I would lift the mask in order to examine my bounty, only to find that I literally dripped sweat. I spent most of my evening drying my face and wishing that more neighbors would give the cherished Snickers or M&M’s.

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