Take Action Against Hunger

How can you help alleviate poverty in your community and around the world? Explore these resources available through World Renew, Thrive, and their partners. 

  • Host a Dinner for Good for your friends and family by downloading World Renew’s World Hunger Campaign resources in the U.S. and in Canada.
  • Join the Christian Reformed Church’s annual Day of Justice every August by using resources that focus on biblical justice in global and local food insecurity. Offered by Diaconal Ministries Canada, Thrive, and World Renew.
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  • Explore the Hunting Park Study Series from the CRC’s Climate Witness Project. The study explores the biblical call to care for creation and provides action steps toward policy change and building resilience in daily living in your local community.
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  • Churches in the U.S. can investigate World Renew’s Community Flourishing Cohort to learn more about becoming a strengths-based, community-focused congregation. Register by January 18, 2024. Churches in Canada can also explore new opportunities.A row of houses with trees in the background

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  • Peruse justice resources for churches and individuals on the Recommended Reading list for Food Insecurity and Poverty from Diaconal Ministries Canada.
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  • Request World Renew’s recordings of the “Food Insecurity, Access, and Disparity” webinar series. These five webinars for those in the U.S. and Canada focus on innovative and respectful approaches to food insecurity and how to move from charity to dignity and justice.
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