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As government shutdown looms, Speaker Johnson is refusing omnibus bills. Will that put him at an impasse with the Senate?

From Fox News. Speaker Mike Johnson is warning that the House and Senate could be at an “impasse” on government funding if the Democrat-controlled chamber tries to force the House GOP to bringing dense multi-subject spending bills to the House floor.

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“We’ve sent appropriations bills over to the Senate and they have done nothing with them. Ultimately, we are going to be in a conference committee working out final agreements and all these things, but we are hopeful that the Senate will do their job,” Johnson told Fox News Digital in an interview. …

None have come for a vote in the Senate, where Democrats have lambasted Republicans for writing spending bills at a lower level than what was agreed to under the bipartisan debt limit deal. However, Senate appropriators announced a bipartisan deal last week to combine three spending bills into a “minibus.”

Johnson told Fox News Digital the House and Senate were “going to be at an impasse” if Schumer sent a minibus or an omnibus to the House rather than taking up the 12 individual spending bills.

“We are committed to returning to regular order, and that means…12 separate appropriations bills. And I think that people are with us on that,” Johnson said. …

“The problem with omnibus and minibus spending bills is that it’s irresponsible… Too much money is spent, there’s often not enough accountability for it. And the American people are not able to adequately follow how their [money] is being spent. And we have to change that,” Johnson said. …

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(Excerpt from Fox News. Photo Credit: Douglas Rissing/Getty Images Signature)

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