Morning Rundown: 3 Days of Darkness and Deception Disguised as Religious Holidays

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3 Days of Darkness and Deception Disguised as Religious Holidays

Most Bible believers are familiar with the ninth plague that fell on Egypt right before Israel’s exodus. God commanded Moses, “Stretch out your hand toward heaven, that there may be darkness over the land of Egypt, darkness which may even be felt,” (Exod. 10:21).

It happened! The darkness was so intense, the Egyptians never left their homes.

That storyline parallels something similar that happens globally every year: three consecutive days of spiritual darkness and deception that settle over the world disguised as religious holidays (holy days).

The Jewish Community Is Waking Up to the Left’s Realities

In Sept. 2021 I wrote an article titled, “Will American Jews Abandon The Democratic Party?”

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I noted that, “After House Democrats, under pressure from their radical left wing, voted to remove Israel’s defensive Iron Dome funding from its budget, a Christian friend messaged me, saying, ‘Overwhelming Jewish support for the Democratic party is hard to comprehend.'”

In explaining the history of that support, I stated that, “it will be interesting to see what voting patterns emerge if traditional Jews continue to grow in number while the number of liberal Jews continues to drop. See, already, this prediction from 2016. And this, in turn, would likely result in a growing voting solidarity between Orthodox Jews and Christian conservatives.”

Matthew Perry Made Us Laugh, But He Was a Tortured Soul

Matthew Perry died way too young. The beloved actor who played Chandler Bing on the hit sit-com “Friends” for 10 seasons—from 1994 to 2004—was found dead in a hot tub in his Los Angeles home last weekend. So far investigators haven’t determined the cause of his death.

He was 54.

Perry was a really funny guy, and it seemed he was born to play the role of Chandler—the insecure, quick-witted data analyst who becomes friends with Ross, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe and his goofy roommate, Joey Tribianni. Chandler had a fear of commitment, lots of insecurities and a secret addiction to cigarettes, but by the end of Season 7 he marries Monica and they eventually adopt twins.

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