Are Half of This Influencer’s Followers Really Christians?

In one of his latest videos, Christian influencer Apostle Alexander Pagani questions whether or not half of the people following his online ministry are actually born-again Christians because of the commonality in today’s society to mix half-hearted devotion to God with worldly customs that does not produce biblical fruit.

“I can say this boldly,” Pagani says. “Sometimes I wonder if half the people that follow our ministries online if you guys are born again truly, or are you just following the newest Christian fad of Christianity. I’m here to tell you that if your faith is not anchored in Christ alone, by faith alone, in the Word of God alone and you didn’t repent of your sins—not just believe in the cross, did you repent of your sin and believe that Jesus died on the cross, was buried three days later and resurrected from the dead?”

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Pagani says the problem with today’s Christianity is that the message of repentance of sins isn’t being preached. Instead, he warns that only a feel-good message has become the main focus of many platforms.

“Are you a Christian groupie?” Pagani asks. “Where you’re following this new version of Christianity. Let me tell you something man: it’s repent or perish.”

Pagani points to the truth that we all have fallen short of the glory of God and are in need of Christ to be Lord and savior. There is absolutely no other way that we can be saved.

“You need to repent of your sins, turn from your sin and ask Christ to be your savior and make Him Lord and live this thing for real,” Pagani continues.

Pagani believes one of the issues plaguing the American church today is an attitude much like Solomon. While Solomon was the wisest person who ever lived, he also did not follow the Lord with his entire heart. Instead, he intermarried hundreds of women who turned his heart away from God.

“There is an epidemic of Solomon’s in the churches. You want to know what mantel is dominating the Christian church? Solomon—who is deep because Solomon never lost his wisdom. Read the book of Ecclesiastes. But he was deep, but he was mixed,” Pagani said.

This warning against becoming like Solomon doesn’t go just for those who are attending church; it is equally important for those in positions of leadership as well. It is possible for anyone to fall into the dangerous trap of becoming mixed, not following God with their entire hearts.

“You got these pastors that are deep, but they’re not preachers of righteousness. They’re motivational speakers inflating the ego of their congregates and scratching their itchy ears. Repent of your sin and flee,” Pagani said.

Pagani’s warnings ring true for much of what we see in the church today. As we see cancel culture and indoctrination creeping its way into the pulpits, we also see the message of a watered-down grace finding its way there. However, with Scripture, prayer and direction from the Holy Spirit, believers can seek out churches where the truth of the gospel is preached to all creation.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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