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OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — Conservatives have accused Trudeau’s Liberal government of having ignored foreign interference because it was to their political benefit.  

On October 24, Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) John Brassard published a report from Conservatives accusing the Liberal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of ignoring Chinese interference in Canadian elections through China’s donations to the prime minister’s family foundation, the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation.   

“Conservatives note that the Liberal government knew the Communist Party of China was interfering in Canada’s democracy for years and had they not been the beneficiary of this foreign interference the Liberals may have taken action, rather than reacting to sustained public and political pressure,” the report stated.   

“It is clear, through testimony heard by the committee from current and former members of the Trudeau Foundation, that the Foundation had no bylaws for foreign interference, no oversight of donations, and no due diligence done of donations,” it continued.  

The report referenced a $140,000 donation by a Chinese billionaire, Zhang Bin, who has direct ties to Beijing. Bin was also photographed at a 2016 fundraiser with Trudeau. Furthermore, Trudeau’s brother, Sacha, was pictured accepting the donation from Bin on behalf of the Trudeau Foundation.  

“Seemingly, it was the perfect conduit for a foreign dictatorship to influence Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,” the report stated. “The interference operation was proven successful as the two cutouts had direct access to the Prime Minister within five months of the donation.”  

Following public outcry over the donation, Pascale Fournier, Former President and Executive Officer at the Trudeau Foundation, testified that “because of the allegations in the media, it would be best for the Foundation to repay the donation.”  

According to Edward Johnson, chair of the board and founding member of the Foundation, the money was returned, and the deposit was confirmed in writing.  

Similarly, Morris Rosenberg, former President and CEO of the Trudeau Foundation, claimed that donors never requested that the Foundation put them in contact with the Trudeau government. He added that he believed that Bin took a picture with Trudeau because “he wanted a photo with the prime minister to show to his friends.” 

 “In light of the evidence, the committee cannot take a definitive position on this case,” the committee ruled after the testimonies.  

However, Conservatives pointed out that, “The irony is not lost on Conservatives that the beneficiary of a foreign interference campaign of disinformation perpetrated by the Communist Party of China would partake in a committee study pertaining to the very foreign interference campaign that helped him get elected.” 

“This reinforces the fact that this Liberal government has an utter disregard for ethics and conflicts of interest,” the Conservative report continued.  

As a result, the report recommended that, “the Government of Canada undertake a forensic audit of the Trudeau Foundation.” 

The Foundation labels itself as “an independent and non-partisan charity established in 2001 as a living memorial to the former prime minister.”  

Pierre Trudeau is the late father of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and was prime minister from 1968 until 1984 except for a brief lapse from 1979 to 1980. He was known for his praise of the major totalitarian political systems of his day. 

The Trudeau Foundation has undergone increased scrutiny regarding its connection with China, and the examination will continue. In late September, MPs from the House of Commons unanimously voted to have the country’s Auditor General investigate the $125 million taxpayer endowment given to help found the Trudeau Foundation in 2001. 

This investigation comes just months after Canadian MPs from the House of Commons Public Accounts voted to begin an examination after a report surfaced detailing how the non-profit group received a $200,000 donation alleged to be connected to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Following the release of this report, the entire board of directors, including the president and CEO, of the Trudeau Foundation resigned.   

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators urging them to stop more online censorship laws

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