Hezbollah Leader Calls U.S. ‘The Great Satan’ – American Faith

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah told supporters that the United States is the “Great Satan,” according to The Daily Wire.

“From the very first hours, it was clear that the enemy was lost … you know it was the Sabbath, perfect timing by the commanders,” said Nasrallah, acknowledging that the attack occurred on the Jewish Sabbath.

“It took [Israelis] hours to come out; they came out in hysterical state, angry and in insane fashion.”

Nasrallah claimed Israel perpetrated the attacks: “That’s why when they had to recapture the settlements within Gaza envelope, they perpetrated massacres against the Israeli settlers. Not Hamas.”

He added that the attack against Israeli citizens was a “glorious operation,” describing it as “brave, heroic, creative,” and “perfect.”

The Hamas chief expressed that he believes the United States was ultimately behind Israel’s counteroffensive against Hamas.

“We must realize today that America is completely responsible for the current war in Gaza,” he said.

“America is what is preventing the condemnation of Israel and the security council. America is the one preventing a ceasefire here in Gaza. America is the one who is preventing the aggression from stopping in Gaza. And America, once again, as [Former Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah] Khomeini said, America is proving itself once again as the Great Satan.”

“It is the primary responsible party for all massacres previously from today from Hiroshima to Vietnam, to Afghanistan, to Iraq, Palestine, the whole region, and it must be held accountable for its crimes and massacres, and it must be punished for what it’s doing against the people of our region.”

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