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Sitting down to write about this topic, I’m dealing with a feeling that’s alien to me: ambivalence. You really might be shocked if you knew how rarely I feel torn in two directions. Maybe … two or three times a decade.

Facing this subject, however, I really am of two minds and must admit it. On the one hand, White Guilt is a cancer that’s eating away our civilization, corrupting the Church and empowering political movements dominated by demons. Support for unborn babies, children’s innocence, orderly immigration, economic freedom, and countless other race-neutral values gets successfully tarred by cynical Marxists with the “racist” brush, driving timorous Christians to go hide under their fainting couches.

White Guilt™ Sunblock (SPF 50,000)

But then there’s White Guilt’s comical side. It is also a ludicrous, transparent, contemptible form of preening; a cheap way of signaling “virtue” without lifting a finger for anyone; a means of clawing your way into a higher social class and showing contempt for your innocent neighbors — who haven’t yet acquired this “prestige” accoutrement.

There’s nothing on earth that quite says “I’ve arrived” like smearing yourself with White Guilt™ Sunblock (SPF 50,000). It’s a great way for Catholics and evangelicals alike to pass for upper-class Mainline Protestants who live on Park Avenue or Beacon Hill.

Despising your ancestors and your civilization helps you prove to anyone who’s looking:

I’m not like those rednecks … or blacks and Latinos and Asians and members of every other lower-rent ethnic group on earth, which don’t engage in this kind of hip, masochistic fetish.

How many Chinese do you think wallow in guilt about their country’s imperial past? Are a lot of Muslims out there ashamed of Muhammad’s conquests? Do you see Latin Americans torn up about the genocides and human sacrifice committed by Aztecs and Incas? Do we read anywhere that Jesus told the Jews to rend their garments over their ancestors’ treatment of the Amalekites?

White guilt is the whitest thing on earth, like smearing mayonnaise on Wonder Bread.

Making Your Own Race a Phony Christ Figure

It’s also a power move, a way for wealthy, privileged white people to elevate their own social, ethnic group above every other collection of humans, and make it a kind of secular replacement for Christ Himself. (I wrote a whole essay proving that — I’ll link to it rather than rehash it.)

The one thing collective racial guilt isn’t is a genuine Christian response to anything whatsoever.

So I’m moved in fact to talk about this subject soberly, as befits the very real human blood it spills — from the Nashville “trans” massacre, to the streets of “no-go zones” in European cities, to the Israeli regions near Gaza.

White Guilt Kills

That’s right, despite a massive conspiracy of censorship, we now know a good deal about the motives of the gender dysphoric mass murderer in Nashville, who targeted a church and slaughtered children. Local police, trans activists, and (bizarrely) a leader in the Southern Baptist Convention all colluded to hide from the public the contents of the “manifesto” that killer penned before she killed.

Steven Crowder on X: “🚨 BREAKING: Nashville School Covenant Shooter Audrey Hale’s “DEATH DAY” Manifesto Targeted “Cr*ckers” with “white privlages” “wanna kill all you little cr*ckers” “I hope I have a high death count” “I’m ready…I hope my victims aren’t.” “Ready to die.” #NashvilleManifesto” / X (

The intrepid Megan Basham provides the proof, pointing to the SBC spokesman (fittingly, an heir to Russell Moore) whose child was unhurt at the slaughter, who used his church position to argue for censorship on the one hand, and gun control on the other — neatly targeting at the same time the first two Amendments to our Constitution:

I’ve written here before about how churches corrupted by liberalism (see the U.S. Catholic bishops) descend like hungry jackals after mass shootings like this one. They’ve abandoned concern for individual sin and redemption, and instead see themselves as chaplains to Leviathan, advocates of “public health” and “public safety” at any price whatsoever — including our liberty and our souls.

But this massacre was particularly monstrous, so grotesque it seems concocted by a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Not only was the killer addled by gender ideology and quack psychiatric treatments. She was mainly motivated in her murderous hatred by … white guilt, collectivist racial hatred internalized and turned against her neighbors (most of them children).

In other words, white guilt kills.

Did Trump Unleash “Literal Demons”?

White guilt empowers rape gangs like the Muslim ones in Rotherham, England, which were able to prey on up to 19,000 victims nationwide, largely thanks to cops afraid to get canceled as “racists.”

White guilt leads Westerners to wink at genocidal anti-Semitism, as long as it’s spouted by people with a certain shade of skin. An Arabic name wins college students on Ivy League campuses a free pass to talk like Heinrich Himmler.

White guilt, and the social prestige it offers, tempts even self-styled conservatives to scapegoat Americans repulsed by alien attitudes carried in with them by Muslim immigrants. Remember when Donald Trump chuckled along as a crowd chanted “Send them back!”, referring to jihadi congressmen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar? Rod Dreher wrote some 3,000 hysterical words accusing Trump of unleashing “literal demons” of racism. It was all White Guilt, festively sprayed on Trump and his supporters from a firehose.

All for being repulsed by the import of the vulgar hatred that swamps the Arab Street, and now kills Jews on American streets.

White Guilt™ Sunblock will indeed make you even whiter, maybe help you pass for a posh Episcopalian. But we know now more surely than ever that the stuff causes cancer.

And no, the blood of Christ won’t touch it, since it’s not even real guilt experienced by anyone for anything he ever really did. It’s vicarious, collective guilt aimed outward at others, for sins someone else’s ancestors committed, which you can weaponize in order to feel better about yourself, and sneer at your lower-rent neighbors.

John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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