Fear and Hope in India

Tensions and fears in India have been growing for many years now.

ReFrame’s ministry partners there have been fearful of new laws passed by the national government. At times, they’ve even feared for their lives.

In 2022, a Hindi-language radio producer named Vidyut was invited to a prayer meeting with a neighbor, Swati. Swati knew that Vidyut was a leader in a Christian ministry, and she hoped that Vidyut would pray for her. 

One day, as Vidyut was praying with Swati and other members of her extended family, a group gathered outside. At first eight to 10 people were there, but soon over 50 had gathered. The group was angry about the prayer meeting. 

“Thankfully,” ReFrame’s Hindi ministry leader* said, “a police officer took Vidyut into custody. Although he was treated unfairly during his short stay at the police station, it felt like a small price to pay for protection.” 

Unsettling Trends

One recent study from groups that included the Association for the Protection of Civil Rights found more than 400 incidents of violence against Christians in India in 23 different states in the first half of 2023, up from 274 incidents during the same time period in 2022. These unsettling trends mean it’s even harder for ReFrame’s partners to share the gospel using media. 

“In the past few years,” ReFrame’s Hindi ministry leader said, “I’ve seen many more Dabangis, or lawbreakers, protected by government officials who turn a blind eye to the violence against and mistreatment of Christians here.”

Amar’s Support

While police and other authority figures have primarily been siding with the anti-Christian groups, one police officer has been enthusiastically supporting Christian ministry in his own way.

Amar* is a police officer who first discovered ReFrame’s audio programs after a long shift at work.

“Every day, I face a lot of dangerous situations at work, and I grow very tense,” Amar wrote to ReFrame’s partner ministry staff. “But after my shift, I’ve been returning home and listening to your Hindi radio program every day. This fills me with peace and joy.”

On November 5, Christians around the world recognize a day of prayer for the persecuted church. Thank you, Christian Reformed Church, for praying for your partners in India and around the world during this time. 

“As your partner in gospel ministry, I hope you’ll pray for us as well as for our enemies,” ReFrame’s Hindi ministry leader added.

*Names changed or withheld for security reasons.

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