Hostage Families Call on the U.S. – Intercessors for America

Hostages are still missing, including those related to American citizens. These citizens have only one request: to see their relatives freed.

From Fox News. The families of Israelis taken hostage by Hamas made an emotional appeal for U.S. aid at a press conference held by House Republican leadership on Tuesday.

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“He actually said, ‘I want to say my last words. We’re not going to survive it.’ Nobody survived it. Everybody is killed,” said Doris Liber, whose son was kidnapped by Hamas militants at a music festival in southern Israel where more than 250 people were killed.

As her son, Guy Iluz, was hiding, Liber said her husband encouraged him to hide under dead bodies so the terrorists would not notice him. She said he told her he had been shot in the arm. …

It has been 30 days since Hamas militants infiltrated Israel’s borders on Oct. 7 and slaughtered roughly 1,400 Israelis – mostly civilians.

“It’s been 30 days. Every day is like eternity to me. … We don’t have a list of the hostages. We don’t know their condition,” Liber said.

“I’m so proud of being an American, being an Israeli as well. But I do need you now, because there’s nothing helping me now. I pray, which I didn’t do before. But just please help me.” …

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(Excerpt from Fox News. Photo Credit: designer491/Getty Images)

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