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The manifesto of the woman who murdered Christian students in Nashville was leaked online, despite the efforts of many to keep it hidden.

From The Daily Wire. The transgender-identifying killer who murdered six people at a Christian school in Nashville was consumed by leftist racial hatred targeting whites as “privileged,” according to three pages of the shooter’s diary released by podcaster Steven Crowder on Monday.

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“Kill those kids!!! Those crackers going to private fancy schools with those fancy khakis + sports backpacks w/ their daddies mustangs + convertables [sic],” the 28-year-old female shooter wrote in a diary entry dated February 3. …

Three photographs of the pages of the shooter’s diary were obtained by Crowder, who reported that his investigative team independently confirmed the authenticity of the images. The Daily Wire’s sources have also confirmed the authenticity of the pages.

The diary entries also reveal her schedule for “death day,” beginning at 7 a.m. (“get dressed”) and ending after 12:37 p.m. with “time 2 die.” …

The shooter, who The Daily Wire is not naming, boasted to a friend before the shooting that she had left plenty of evidence behind making her motives clear. Nashville’s police acknowledged this fact after the shooting.

After the shooting, Nashville police chief John Drake promised Republican Gov. Bill Lee that the manifesto would “soon” be released.

“The Covenant shooting was a tragedy beyond comprehension, & Tennesseans need clarity. We’ve been in touch with the Nashville Police Department, & today, Chief Drake assured me that documents & information regarding the shooter will be released to the public very soon,” Lee said on April 27.

But Drake broke that promise. For the better part of a year, Nashville’s police department refused to release the manifesto, citing a series of contradictory excuses. …

The writings may raise questions about why the killing of schoolchildren, apparently based on their race, was not considered a hate crime by the FBI. The shooter, and the children she targeted based on their race, were white. …

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