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But first, posted last night, Bunni Pound’s “Who Will Lift Up the Standard?” It’s her address from the opening of this past weekend’s Wake Up! Conference.

House Votes to Censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib for Her Unapologetic Embrace of Genocidal “From the River to the Sea” Chant

By a bipartisan vote Tuesday night, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to censure Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib over her unapologetic embrace of the genocidal motto “From the River to the Sea.” The count was 234-188, with 22 Democrats joining the effort to formally rebuke the anti-Semitic congresswoman. Specifically, Tlaib was formally accused of “promoting false narratives regarding the October 7, 2023, Hamas attack on Israel and for calling for the destruction of the state of Israel.”

Update on the 69-Year-Old Jewish Man Killed at Rally by Pro-Palestinian

His name is Paul Kessler. May his memory be a blessing.

He is dead today solely because he is Jewish.

The 69-year-old died Monday in suburban Los Angeles after being struck by a pro-Palestinian demonstrator on Sunday. The Ventura County Medical Examiner “determined the cause of death to be blunt force head injury and the manner of death homicide.” Police have not ruled out Kessler being the victim of a “hate crime,” and have searched the home of the suspect.

So what happened? Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Israeli protesters were holding dueling rallies across the street from one another in the pleasant and prosperous L.A. suburb of Thousand Oaks. Gateway Pundit cites witnesses who say the pro-Palestinian crowd crossed the street to harass the Jewish group. Kessler was confronted by a pro-Palestinian and ended up with the back of his head smashed after allegedly being hit with a megaphone.

According to video posted by Christina Buttons, after Kessler was led away in an ambulance mortally wounded, the pro-Palestinian protesters simply resumed their protest.

On Monday night, a vigil was held for Mr. Kessler at the street corner where he was killed.

The Media Spins the Killing

Given the venom spewed on the streets toward Jews and the relative indifference of our elites, Kessler’s killing is hardly surprising. But adding to the shock is how hard the media worked to downplay the nature of the man’s death. An hour after the medical examiner called it a homicide, NBC News still made like Kessler slipped on a banana peel and accidentally conked himself.

Original NBC News headline: “Man dies after hitting head during Israel and Palestine rallies in California, official say.”

Their tweet said:

After their spin raised a loud din, NBC News changed the title of the article to, “Jewish man killed in altercation at dueling pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian rallies in California.”

And as End Wokeness noted, NBC wasn’t the only one playing games.

Meanwhile, at the White House, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the wretched, widespread tearing down of posters and fliers featuring the images of kidnapped Israelis. Seems a fat pitch over the plate, even for KJP. “It’s wrong. It’s disgraceful. It’s hurtful. Next question.” But watch her dodge and duck and disgrace.

The official spokesperson for the President of the United States can’t condemn the tearing down of posters of the Gaza hostages. Even as Americans are among those being held.

Update: Nashville Police Confirm Manifesto Pages are Legit

Nashville police confirmed Tuesday that the pages unveiled Monday from the Nashville Manifesto are authentic. And it’s being reported that two police officers are facing the heave-ho for leaking the documents.

Unfortunately, you can’t see Steven Crowder’s blockbuster report on the Manifesto on YouTube. It got booted, with the Google-run service declaring, “Your post may go against our Community Standards on violence and incitement.” The three pages Crowder got his hands on show trans mass killer Audrey Hale’s “anti-white” indoctrination. So Hale gets trained up in this “anti-whiteness” malarkey being shoved down students’ throats and ends up shooting up a bunch of child “crackers” at a Christian school. The people and materials that push this toxin are YouTubing to their heart’s content. But reporting on the killer’s own words violates their Community Standards? Perhaps they should change the name to You’ve-Got-A-Screw-Loose Tube.

Though YouTube doesn’t want you to glimpse what was in the mind of the killer, you can find Crowder’s #NashvilleManifesto report on Rumble.

Meanwhile in other Trans America Games, Joe Biden went to the Supreme Court Monday to fight state bans on sex change surgeries on minors. (He didn’t literally go. So many steps … ) The DOJ argued that bans enacted by Tennessee and two other states violate the Equal Protection Clause. A total of 19 states have some form of law restricting transgender youths from receiving transition-related care.

Finally, if 2023 were to be encapsulated in a quote here it is: “My testicles don’t make me less of a woman.” That’s from South African transgender Olympic runner Caster Semenya.

3rd GOP Debate Tonight

NBC News is hosting the third GOP debate tonight from Miami. Will any candidate have the chutzpah to call them out for how they reported Kessler’s death?

Only five candidates will be participating. Which is about three more than will be watching. I kid.

The five who survived the cut are Gov. Ron DeSantis, former Gov. Nikki Haley, former Gov. Chris Christie, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy and Sen. Tim Scott. Trump, who is currently lapping the field, is again skipping the debate. He’ll be holding a Florida rally instead. A bit of advice to the candidates: Just because the writer’s strike is over, it doesn’t mean you have to use scripted answers.

To boost interest, NBC will be making the candidates debate in costumes borrowed from The Masked Singer. Okay. Maybe not.

Keep an eye out this morning for a new “Campaign Trail Mix” featuring election highlights and censorship lowlights.

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