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A shameless plug before we pour the Brew. In case you missed it, we dealt with Tuesday’s election results in the latest “Campaign Trail Mix: Democrats Ride Moloch Movement to Election Night Victory.”

And if all goes well, we’ll have a Campaign Trail Mix up tomorrow yapping a bit about the GOP debate and the nudie selfie-snapping Trump judge.

Campaign of Fear, Conquer With Hope

As we wrote about in that Campaign Trail Mix, abortion zealots pushed fear to garner ballot victories. The Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America organization responded to Tuesday night’s losses for life with a strategy of hope.

Issue 1 passed because abortion activists and outside Democrat donors ran a campaign of fear to Ohio voters: vote for this ballot measure or women will die,” The “lesson” from the election? “pro-women coalitions will need to devote more resources to combating the campaign of fear from the other side,” they wrote. “Moving forward in states where abortion will be on the ballot in 2024, pro-life, pro-woman coalitions will need to devote more resources to compassionate pro-life messages for women and their children, combatting the campaign of fear from the other side.

Peter Wolfgang has more on the pro-life fight in “Worst Election Since 2012.”

Campaign of Intimidation, Conquer With Fight: Pro-Life Activist Sues Over SWAT Raid

The DOJ/FBI’s war against pro-life activists is facing a bold new counter-attack. The family of Mark Houck, who was persecuted (then easily acquitted) for protecting his son from an abusive pro-abortion zealot, is suing the FBI.

Houck was charged with violating the FACE Act a year after the incident. Yet, rather than arrange for the peaceful man of God to turn himself in, the FBI and SWAT stormed his house with his seven children inside, traumatizing the family. Trauma, according to the lawsuit, that continues to this day, including the couple suffering three miscarriages.

Now, Mrs. Houck wants a total of $4.35 million in damages “due to the intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Said 40 Days for Life President Shawn Carney, “This is more than just a lawsuit; it’s a resounding declaration that the era of targeting individuals for their pro-life stance is over.”

We should be reminded that in July, New York City paid out $13.7 million to George Floyd rioters over how police responded to their actions.

Speaking of BLM …

Campaign of Violence, a Call to Christ: Kat Von D Points to the George Floyd Riots as Helping Her Begin to Re-Evaluate Her Beliefs

Tattoo artist and reality TV star Kat Von D, who recently made headlines when she revealed she’s found the Lord, says that learning the truth about BLM and ANTIFA is one of the things that ignited her desire to re-evaluate her beliefs. Kat Von D told Relatable podcast host Allie Beth Stuckey about witnessing the violent, left-wing riots while still living in L.A. She was just three doors down from the mayor’s home and thus was “in the middle” of the trouble. “So we were just seeing things in real time, and they were much worse in real life than what [the media] put on TV.”

The chaos and lockdowns jarred her husband Rafael Reyes to turn to his wife and say, “Hey, baby, I think we got it wrong. You know, I think we got a lot of things wrong.”

What’s the scripture? “What rioters meant for evil, God meant for good”?

You can find Kat Von D’s interview on her journey to becoming a Christian here.

Campaign of Terror, Call to Self-Defense

The rabid anti-Semitism and dramatic rise in violence against Jews since Oct 7, and the stunning shrug from so many in power, has the Jewish community in America feeling the need to fend for itself.

Gun purchases by Jewish-Americans are surging. Florida gun store owner David Kowalsky told Fox News Tuesday:

I have a lot of people coming in saying that they’ve never thought they’d be in this position where they had to purchase own or train with a firearm. And they’re coming in and wanting more information on how to obtain one train with one and to be able to protect their family and loved ones.

Accountability: House Oversight Subpoenas Biden Family Members

House Oversight has issued subpoenas for Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Biden right-hand business associate Rob Walker for in-person depositions. The Committee also wants to hear from Hallie Biden (Beau’s widow who famously took up with Hunter), Hunter’s current wife, and Sara Biden, wife and business partner of James.

The Committee wants to interview Hunter on December 13 and James on December 6.

Oversight Chairman James Comer has also indicated he wants to interview Joe Biden, though the Big Guy hasn’t been subpoenaed yet.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota Supreme Court has rejected the effort there to keep Donald Trump off the ballot via the 14th Amendment.

Along The Stream

Powerful one from John Zmirak: “Can the Blood of Christ Wash Away White Guilt?”

And at 9 a.m. Eastern we drop Betsy McCaughey’s “Election Fraud is Real and Needs to be Fixed Before 2024.” So drop on back to The Stream for that.

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