Humanity’s True Nature on Display

We hear that hate and inhumanity in the throngs of people chanting “Gas the Jews!” outside the Sydney Opera House. We watch it as privileged 20-somethings aggressively tear down Israeli hostage posters. We witness it as U.S. members of Congress refuse to condemn the ruthless murders of 1,300 Jewish civilians. The war resulting from the Hamas attack is a reminder of a world befallen by sin and sadness—that the sin that entered the world through one man still flourishes today. We are, so it seems, doomed to repeat the darkest elements of history until Jesus returns. 

In a terrifying scene at the Dagestan airport in Russia, pro-Palestinian crowds stormed an airplane carrying passengers from Tel Aviv. More than 20 people were injured, 60 were arrested, and flights from Tel Aviv to Dagestan are suspended indefinitely. 

Elsewhere in the world, at Cornell University, police are investigating a series of online threats against Jewish students, prompting the school to hire extra security for the Jewish Center and kosher dining hall.

Two weeks ago, 40-year-old Rabbi Samantha Woll was murdered outside her home in cold blood, and synagogues across the country are doubling up on security measures in the face of rising and blatant antisemitism. 

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has recorded 312 antisemitic acts between Oct. 7 and Oct. 23 alone, and the group reports that such acts are up by 388 percent since 2022. 

In the streets of New York City, London, and Washington D.C., among others, activists rally to support Hamas’ bloody attacks on Israeli civilians, calling them “freedom fighters” as reports of murdered families, beheaded babies, and tortured hostages continue to roll in. 

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