Las Vegas Raiders’ Rookie QB Aidan O’Connell Relies on Faith in God for High-Pressure Role

Rookie Aidan O’Connell, who was just named the starting quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders, says he believes his faith in God will help him in the high-pressure role.

“For me, it’s my faith. I’m a Christian, and I think that in the good and bad in life, there’s a plan,” he said in a press conference.

“The Lord has obviously brought me to this point, and I’ve learned more than anything that when he wants me to play, I’ll play, and when he doesn’t, I won’t,” O’Connell continued. “I definitely rest in that. That allows me to sleep easy at night.”

O’Connell was named the starting quarterback recently after the Raiders fired head coach Josh McDaniels for a 3-5 start in the season. Linebacker coach Antonio Pierce was named interim head coach, and in his first act in the position, he promoted O’Connell in the role over 10-year veteran Jimmy Garoppolo.

 “We just feel like it gives us the best chance” to win, Pierce told reporters.

In his first game as starting quarterback, O’Connell led the Raiders to a 30-6 win over the New York Giants. He threw for 209 yards with no interceptions and completed 16 of 25 passes.

In Sunday’s game, the Raiders went 16-12 over the New York Jets. He threw 153 yards with one interception and one touchdown.

“Like I said last week, the way he commands the huddle, the way he talks to us, the communication and confidence. Throw a pick down there early on in the game, and the way he bounced back is impressive. So, I’m glad he is our guy,” receiver Davante Adams told reporters.

Previously, O’Connell has talked about how his faith has shaped his life.

“My faith has influenced my football career in many different ways. Really, my faith has influenced every aspect of my life,” O’Connell shared. “The goal of a Christian life is to give glory to God in every action you do.”

“Obviously, I fall short of that every day and rely on God’s grace and mercy to cover me,” he added. “But that doesn’t change my goal of trying to give God glory in every action, and that includes football.”

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