Ukraine’s creativity edge

For “Harry Potter” fans, let it be known that Ukraine has invented an “invisibility cloak.” It will make Ukrainian soldiers much less noticeable to thermal-imaging cameras used by Russian drones and snipers at night. In addition, Ukraine has developed an aerial mine detector that is four times faster than humans, while it also hopes to release a fleet of self-driving vehicles that can evacuate injured soldiers.

These are the latest examples of how Ukrainians have tapped a well of innovation in their society to give their forces an edge over Russia’s far larger military. The country’s wealth of talent in digital capabilities even helped inspire NATO to invest in a new fund for itself called the Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic.

“The innovation and resourcefulness the Ukrainians have demonstrated to keep equipment in the fight is nothing short of remarkable,” said Christopher Lowman, U.S. assistant secretary of defense for sustainment.

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