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(LifeSiteNews) — FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin exposed how the FBI is encouraging terrorism for its own benefit and explained how the Deep State operates.

In an interview on the Redacted podcast with former Fox News host Clayton Morris, Seraphin, who blew the whistle on the internal FBI memo that showed the agency was surveilling “radical” Latin Mass Catholics, explained that in the past years, U.S. intelligence agencies have been increasingly focused on “domestic violent extremists.”

According to Seraphin, under the Biden administration, which is primarily focused on “white supremacy,” the FBI has tried to “spin up the threat” of domestic terrorism in order to get a larger budget.

“But as you try to spin up the threat and as you have more and more money that is tied up in terrorism, that’s not going to the places that it ought to go, you start looking for and making up this threat,” the former FBI agent said.

“I’ve said it multiple times now that the demand for white supremacy is outstripping the supply of white supremacy. So, we have to manufacture it.”

He said that the FBI has a “playbook” that involves contacting people online who are “low IQ or down on their luck financially, in bad situations, that have some rough ideas.”

“They encourage the worst ideas. They introduce undercovers, they introduce feds… and then they talk him into doing something terroristic.”

“It’s literally the meme of the FBI agent wearing the hat, poking Pepe the frog, saying, ‘do a terrorism.’ That’s what we do.”

Screenshot taken from Redacted interview with Kyle Seraphin

“They’re creating it… because the demand [for white supremacy] has to meet that supply. And so, when you create terrorism, you’re basically ensuring that your budget’s going to be good.”

Seraphin said that this FBI playbook is based on the book The Terror Factory by Trevor Aaronson, which the former FBI agent said was “mandatory reading” when he worked in counterterrorism. Aaronson also summarized the FBI’s strategy of the manufactured war on terrorism in a TED talk available on YouTube.

Everyone who attended the January 6 rally is considered a potential terrorist

The former FBI agent explained that since 9/11, the U.S. Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) has been focusing on terrorism, first foreign terrorism and then increasingly domestic terrorism. Following the events of January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol, “their mission has shifted dramatically to the point where they’re not doing the mission that they had done for the last 20 years.”

“They are no longer following international potential terrorists,” Seraphin said. “They’re following around American citizens who just happened to be on the flight manifest, flying into the National Capitol region, between January 4th and January 7th of 2021.”

“And so now they [federal air marshals] are just sitting around doing surveillance missions on Americans with no allegations that they’ve been involved in a crime.”

Seraphin said that these people were put on a terror watch list called “Quiet Skies,” and he explained the procedure that they have to go through when flying on a plane.

Citizens on this terror watch list cannot check into their flights online and instead “will have to go to the [flight] desk outside the secured area at any airport they want to travel in.”

“And when they do, they’re going to see white eyes from the attendant who is standing behind the desk because it’s going to alert them that this person is on a terror watch list called Quiet Skies.”

“Sometimes lasting hours, they’re going to get aggressive and enhanced screening procedures,” he said.

“They’re going to be physically touched, sometimes even strip-searched. Every single item that they bring with them is going to be swabbed for potential bomb-making activity. They’re going to swab every zipper of every bag of every carry-on. They’ll open every pouch, and they go through every single compartment, and they go through this incredibly aggressive theatrical display that has no benefit to the American people.”

Seraphin said that around half a billion dollars has been spent on this program since it was created, and so far, “it’s got zero terrorists that have been interdicted with it.”

He mentioned that even an infant was put on this “Quiet Skies” terror watch list because the baby’s parents were on the list.

How the Deep States operates

When Morris asked his guest whether the Deep State exists, Seraphin answered in the affirmative.

When Morris asked his guest whether the Deep State exists, Seraphin answered in the affirmative.

However, he said that the people’s imagination of Deep State actors being “Bond villains hanging out in a dark office” is often inaccurate.

“I don’t think that’s really what goes on, although there probably are some of those figures. We just are not going to know who they are,” Seraphin added. “The Deep State is really the administrative state, and that is the state of administration.”

“It’s deep in so much as the bench is deep in the way that you might have three starting pitchers. There’s a deep roster of people that are willing to do the same thing,” he said.

“It’s the reason why a guy like James Baker, who people found out was in the Twitter Files and was shielding the DOJ [Department of Justice] from the inquiries that were going on during… the inquest into the Twitter Files.”

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“James Baker is a Deep State guy. He started with the DOJ in the early ’90s, and he spent 30 years of his life working for that organization. He doesn’t need to be given orders to protect the DOJ. It’s his entire reputation. It’s all he knows. All of his friends work there,” Seraphin continued. “He spent his whole life there through straight years working for a group of people. And they all have the same kind of ideas.”

“The Deep State is unelected bureaucrats, and a bureaucrat is somebody that is advanced through the levels of federal employment. Many of them reach what’s called the Senior Executive Service,” he said.

Those senior executives “run the field offices and run the headquarters unit.”

“That is your Deep State, because those people have already got 20 years of government service,” Seraphin continued. “And what they know is whatever they do, they can’t be removed, not in an easy way.”

“And number two, they’re going to outlast any president or any executive or any administrator that runs, that’s politically appointed. They’re the ones that run things at the DOJ. People like Ali Loftus and Lisa Monaco are kind of the Deep State operators. They’re the AG’s [attorney general] assistants… they’re the number two behind [Attorney General] Merrick Garland.”

“They’re the ones making the real decisions at the FBI. It’s [deputy director of the FBI] Paul Abbate right now. Those people have outlasted everybody around them.”

“They’re the longest running, and they think they know what the right answer is because they’ve been doing it a long time. And, of course, they know more than some newly elected guy or some political appointee who just came in. I mean, that’s just how it works. That’s what the government is,” Seraphin concluded.

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The whistleblower who exposed the FBI’s targeting of faithful Catholics

In February 2023, Seraphin blew the whistle on a bombshell internal memo that showed that the FBI is surveilling “Radical Traditionalist Catholics” that attend the Traditional Latin Mass over supposed concerns about “white nationalists” among them. The memo notes that its real motivation is concern that “Radical Traditionalist Catholic Ideology” allegedly possesses an “anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, and white supremacy” outlook, and that this presents a threat to the U.S.’s domestic well-being.

In response to the public outrage caused by the revelation, the FBI officially retracted the memo. However, a U.S. House Weaponization Committee report published in December 2023 showed that the FBI was still considering issuing a warning about “Radical Traditional Catholics.”

Seraphin also revealed in 2023 that he was initially suspended from the FBI for refusing the COVID jab and for speaking up about the FBI’s targeting of pro-lifers.

Seraphin also said that in 2022, he was the agent who leaked Attorney General Merrick Garland’s memo to the FBI about targeting conservative parents who complained at school board meetings.

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