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(LifeSiteNews) — In an interview with the late Jeffrey Epstein’s only surviving relative, Tucker Carlson makes the explosive claim that the notorious child trafficker was murdered in prison with the knowledge of the United States government.  

“It’s obvious it was not a suicide,” said Mark Epstein, brother of notorious pedophile Jeffery Epstein. The New York real estate developer spoke to Carlson, but refused to appear on camera for his own safety. “So it means somebody killed him.” 

During the interview, Jeffrey Epstein’s only living relative recounts a tale of missing evidence, obvious omissions, disappearing records and mysterious inmates with access to his dead brother’s cell on the night of his demise.  

Both he and Carlson conclude that Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. Whilst his brother believes Jeffrey is dead, he produces evidence that points to a murder.  

It is a murder that Carlson concludes was committed with the knowledge of the U.S. Department of Justice, and which the attorney general himself lied to cover up.

“It’s a scary thought that you can be killed in prison by the government,” said Mark, recalling the conclusion he arrived to after studying the investigation hearing by then-Attorney General Bill Barr, who presented a verdict of suicide in the case of his late brother.  

Barr should have recused himself from the case, according to Time magazine and Forbes, for family connections to Epstein “going back decades.” In addition, Barr formerly worked at a law firm which represented Epstein. Instead, Barr contradicted the medical opinion of the two pathologists present at the postmortem examination of Jeffrey Epstein’s body to pronounce his death as suicide. 

Barr gave two pieces of evidence to support his verdict – one of which, according to Carlson, “didn’t happen.”

As Carlson says, “[Barr] had concluded conclusively that this was a suicide… one – because the person who performed the autopsy declared a suicide – which is a lie.”

The second was Barr’s claim to have watched a videotape of the entrance-way to Epstein’s cell block. Since no one had entered the door leading in, Barr said this ruled out homicide.  

Yet Mark Epstein shows in the interview how his brother could have easily been killed by one of up to fourteen fellow inmates on his small prison wing. Known as a “tier,” it is comprised a group of eight cells behind six supposedly secured gates.  

“There were seven other cells – each with one or two inmates,” said Mark Epstein. Yet no one knows who was on Epstein’s tier of eight cells that night.  

Carlson responds that there is a federal record of these inmates’ identities – but that the authorities have refused to release it. Epstein’s brother said someone could have been transferred into this tier to kill Jeffrey Epstein – and then disappear.  

“It’s a possibility that someone was planted in there,” Mark said, noting how inmates had quickly been removed after the supposed suicide.  

“From what I understand – a number of prisoners were transferred off that tier after the death.”

Mark Epstein says he would like to know who was in those cells on the night of his brother’s death. He still has questions. 

“If somebody was planted to kill Jeff  – then two or three days later he disappears into the ether.”

Autopsy overruled 

For Mark Epstein the questions began with the autopsy, whose findings were contradicted by the chief pathologist – and by the Attorney General. The reason? Calling Jeffrey Epstein’s death a suicide is a means of shutting everything down. 

Initially Epstein’s cause of death was listed as “pending” – meaning it required investigation to establish. Epstein’s brother Mark points out that the Chief Medical Examiner who declared his brother’s death a suicide was not even present at the autopsy. 

Barbara Sampson, the first female chief medical examiner of New York, was the pathologist who declared Jeffrey Epstein’s death a suicide – despite her never having examined his body.  

Mark Epstein asks, “What investigation was done in such a short time” to establish the cause of his brother’s death? 

Mark Epstein wonders whether the chief pathologist was influenced by Barr’s public comments, asking whether in fact she was “basing [the suicide verdict] on Bill Barr’s statement” rather than on the facts.

Mark says he then hired a private pathologist to conduct an independent examination. Dr. Michael Baden, who was the New York Chief Medical Examiner in the 1970s, basically concluded that Jeffrey Epstein’s injuries could not have been caused by the method of suicide asserted by the officials. 

Baden, referring to the broken bones in Jeffrey Epstein’s throat, said ,“I have never seen three fractures like this in a suicidal hanging… going over a thousand jail hangings  – suicides – in the New York City state prisons over the past forty, fifty years”. 

He continued, “No one had three fractures.” 

High-level operator 

Jeffrey Epstein had extensive ties to high level politicians and celebrities. Recent releases of the names of those in his inner circle include former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Google co-founder Sergei Brin, and the current CIA director William Burns. His links to Israeli intelligence have been documented elsewhere.  

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Though Mark Epstein refuses to engage in “speculation”, Jeffrey Epstein’s unexplained wealth, the exact nature of his business and the reasons for his exceptionally lenient treatment by the federal government do not appear to be unrelated to his stellar circle of “acquaintances.”

Neither, thinks Carlson, is his death. As he asks in the interview, “Who killed him[Jeffrey Epstein] – and why?” 

Epstein’s rearrest 

Epstein was given a lenient sentence on his conviction in 2006 on child sex and sex trafficking charges. Permitted to leave jail during the day, his cell door was reportedly left unlocked when he did return in the evening. He served a 13 month sentence, and was free to re-offend with presumed immunity for the next twelve years. 

He was rearrested in 2019 on the same charge, which he had faced years before. Furthermore, he had secured immunity from federal prosecution in that exceptionally generous deal.  

Why then would he be suddenly imprisoned? Carlson wonders, “Maybe the point was to get him into a facility where he could be killed.” 

Strange facts 

Whilst most believe it would be impossible for any killer to enter the high security facility in which Jeffrey Epstein was imprisoned, Epstein’s brother made a startling observation. Epstein’s cell was not the only one behind the last secure door. 

“Any third rate investigator would tell you there was anywhere between 7 to 14 people behind that door… that could have killed somebody.” 

What is more, Mark Epstein claims “that cell doors were left unlocked that night.” 

“If cell doors were left unlocked, somebody could have went [sic] into Jeff’s cell [and] killed him undetected.”

Mark Epstein details how his brother’s body was moved, how it was re-dressed in a hospital gown after lying dead for at least two hours, and how no records exist of the night of his brother’s demise. 

There is no videotape – as the cameras in the facility “failed.” The two guards charged with checking in on Jeffrey Epstein slept for hours, then did some online shopping. Despite a conviction for falsifying records on the night both were pardoned in a later hearing. 

No one is responsible for the death of Jeffrey Epstein, which Carlson’s interview presents clearly as a murder committed with the collusion of the United States government. 

It is claimed that Jeffery Epstein hanged himself using a noose made of torn bedding. Yet the marks on his neck – captured in a publicly released picture – could not have been made in this way. It appears Jeffrey Epstein was strangled with a slender and strong ligature, and his corpse positioned to suggest an impractical suicide.   

As Mark Epstein says, the evidence strongly suggests that his brother was killed. It is, he said “As if someone put a rope around his neck and strangled him – like Carlo in The Godfather.”

An electrical cord which could have been used – and was present in the cell – has disappeared. So much of what happened that night has vanished, or been glossed over by repeated falsehood.  

Tucker Carlson summarizes a “bizarre” murder mystery played out in a secure federal institution.  

“There are essentially no records of what happened at all. There’s no videotape, the cameras were broken, the guards… were asleep.” 

What remains is Carlson’s pressing question about the fate of Jeffrey Epstein: “Who killed him – and why?” 

You can watch Tucker Carlson’s interview with Mark Epstein here on X.

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