America First Legal Investigates Illegal Immigrant Presence on U.S. Airlines – American Faith

America First Legal (AFL) launched an investigation into the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) allowance of poorly vetted illegal immigrants on commercial airlines.

AFL filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the TSA to “uncover the extent of this national security risk and the potential that NGOs facilitating the interstate travel of illegal aliens may have influenced the DHS and TSA officials responsible for aviation screening policy.”

“Over the holiday travel season, the flying public witnessed multitudes of illegal aliens traveling through airports and boarding flights across the country,” AF wrote. “Reportedly, these groups of individuals each carried plastic bags containing their belongings and a phone and were accompanied by an interpreter—all presumably paid for by non-governmental organizations.”

“[W]hile the TSA rigorously screens law-abiding Americans, it effectively takes illegal aliens at their word for their identities,” AFL added.

AFL’s Senior Counselor and Director of Oversight and Investigations Reed D. Rubinstein said in a statement, “Even as American citizens and law-abiding immigrants were forced to suffer the indignities and inconvenience of Christmas-season travel at our airports, it seems DHS went out of its way to ensure illegal ‘migrants’ received preferential treatment. Unfortunately, this was simply the most recent assault on the rule of law and American sovereignty by the Biden Administration and its allied network of ‘charities’ and businesses that profit from mass illegal immigration.”

“DHS Secretary Mayorkas’s cynical refusal to enforce our immigration laws, and his unrelenting efforts to facilitate the illegal entry into our country by unvetted millions, have created a ticking time bomb of social, economic, and law enforcement problems – this is a clear and present danger to our national security,” he continued. AFL will keep fighting to expose the truth and working with Congress to end this national disgrace.”

American Faith reported that illegal immigrants being transported via commercial flights are not subject to the same security protocols as American citizens.

Reporters Ashley St. Clair and James O’Keefe spoke to anonymous pilots and airline staff who said they could not identify who boards their planes.

Delta, American, United, and Southwest Airlines have carried the illegal migrants without taking adequate security measures.

One pilot explained that many of the individuals boarding planes are “fighting-age males,” not “families.”

“I’ve seen a few women and children but largely it’s, it’s you know, males in their in their 20s and 30s,” he said.

Another pilot noted that some migrants arrive at airports in handcuffs, but are uncuffed before boarding the plane.

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