German Farmers Block Highways, Protest Fuel Tax Increase – American Faith

Germ farmers have blocked highways throughout the country in protest of the government’s plan to cut agricultural subsidies.

The protest is an action against the United Nations’ 2030 agenda.

“The German farmers have successfully blocked dozens of highways with the help of the German truckers,” commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek shared on X. “This is my view up on a tractor on the A2 – Europe’s busiest highway. I’m blown away. History in the making.”

“We’re not asking for handouts, we’re asking for fair treatment and a fair chance to make a living,” farmers said, according to the X account The Vigilant Fox. “Farmers are the backbone of our country, and it’s time for the government to start treating us with the respect we deserve.”

Other European farmers have held similar protests in an effort to prevent “green” policies.

Last year, hundreds of tractors led by thousands of farmers traveled to Paris to protest Emmanuel Macron’s new policy banning neonicotinoid insecticides for sugar beets.

Secretary General of France’s main farming union, FNSEA, Jerome Despey said, “Our means of production keep being undermined by prohibitions without solutions,” adding, “Enough is enough.”

Last March, more than 10,000 Dutch farmers went to The Hague to protest against the government’s nitrogen emissions policies.

The farmers carried banners reading, “No farmers, no food,” and “There is no nitrogen problem.”

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