Hamas’s Shocking Abuse of Captive Israeli Female Soldiers Exposed in Disturbing Video

A new video shows how Hamas has abused four teenage Israeli IDF female soldiers who are being held captive by Hamas. The terror group released a video this week of Agam Berger (19), Liri Elbag (18), Daniela Gilboa (19), and Karina Ariev (19) being held captive in horrid conditions for more than three months. 

The girls look scared and abused, covered in blood with what looks like their hands bound behind their backs with sounds of crying. 

“The haunting images were taken just hours after they were kidnapped and Liri Albag, Karina Ariev, Daniela Gilboa and Agam Berger appeared shadows of their former selves,” The Daily Mail wrote in an extensive article and included the video.

Parents are sharing these disturbing images in a plea to mothers and fathers around the world to speak up for their immediate release. Details from freed hostages are emerging, shedding light on the unspeakable atrocities inflicted upon these young women, including rape and torture.

Daniela Gilboa’s mother, Orly, told the Daily Mail, “Imagine if it was your daughter, your little girl in their hands. What would you imagine?”

CBN News interviewed Karina’s sister Sasha Ariev a week after she was abducted by Hamas. Sasha later identified her sister in a social media video, in which she’s seen lying in the back of a car driven by Hamas. The image is horrifying, but Sasha still has hope for Karina’s return.

Click Here to see a compilation video of several freed hostages sharing their stories of being held in Gaza.

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